Sliding Door Pulley

Stainless steel track pulley manufacturers As an important accessory supplier of the door and window factory, the wheel silently fulfills its responsibilities where the user can't see it. It is very important to form every accessory of the sliding door. As the most important hardware accessory pulley to realize sliding sliding sliding sliding of the sliding door, the importance of the pulley is not the same. Whether a sliding door pushes and pulls smoothly when it is used is very important in the user's mind and affects the user The product's position in the user's heart. How to judge whether the pulley is good or bad mainly depends on the following factors. The pulley is not a vulnerable part, which can almost be regarded as a durable product. The stainless steel material allows the pulley to be used for a long time in most environments, avoiding the rust of the product due to the humid environment and the loss of product function. The bearing of the pulley can not be ignored, after all, it is a push The weight of sliding door is about 60kg, and the weight of heavy sliding door is up to 90kg. The wheel quality of the pulley is also ignored. Baogao hardware is a famous sliding door track pully supplier in China. The pulley material of baogao hardware selects reinforced nylon, which greatly enhances the overall rigidity and durability of the wheel far beyond the pulley sold on the market, whether it is the horizontal comparison and vertical comparison or the product data on baogao is pully roller for sliding door manufacturer S products are far beyond the market. 

  • Deluxe Handler BW-171

    Deluxe Handler BW-171

    The surface is treated by anodic oxidation; the film level reaches AA15 level

  • Heavy Pulley BW-174

    Heavy Pulley BW-174

    (Standard 100,000 times) Load 100 kg static load up to 120 kg of high-quality aluminum

  • Heavy Pulley BW-177S

    Heavy Pulley BW-177S

    (Standard 100,000 times) Load 100 kg static load up to 120 kg of high-quality aluminum

  • Heavy Pulley BW-177

    Heavy Pulley BW-177

    High and low temperature range - 30 to 170 C

  • Heavy Pulley BW-179

    Heavy Pulley BW-179

    (Standard 100,000 times) Load 100 kg static load up to 120 kg of high-quality aluminum



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