Heavy Pulley BW-177

  • Product name: heavy pulley
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product load-bearing: 150 kg
  • Pulley characteristics: The adjustable range is 5 mm.

PRODUCT Description


High and low temperature range - 30 to 170 C

Repeated start-up and shut-down life test 150,000 times.

(Standard 100,000 times) 100 kg static load up to 120 kg

High-quality aluminium material, high-quality stainless steel shell support, high overall anti-corrosion performance of pulley (NSS 240 hours or above 9 grades, usable 8-10 years) using motor bearings, high load-bearing, smooth sliding, smooth feel, silent within 25 decibels (material hardness as high as HRC66 degrees) imported modified nylon, pulley coating using imported modified nylon, high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance. High, self-lubricating effect, excellent anti-aging performance


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