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Aluminum window handle It is an important hardware accessory in the casement window. As a frequently used hardware lock, aluminum window handle has different quality in the market, which greatly affects the sealing performance and service life of the window. As an aluminum window handles manufacturer with rich production experience, BOGO hardware has strict quality control, smooth surface and no Defects, products are refined by CNC, which is different from the common lock manufacturing process in the market. In the selection of lock raw materials, most of the producers of aluminum frame window handles choose the secondary materials with poor quality as the raw materials for making aluminum window handles. Poor quality greatly reduces the service life of the lock itself, and the products will break in use However, the aluminum window handle of BOGO hardware uses high-quality aerospace grade aluminum alloy as the raw material of aluminum window handle, which makes the product to the extreme through multiple processes. Perfect product design, each depiction can beautifully depict the outline of the product. Different textures only exist in the products with real ingenuity. Anodized lock surface treatment process, smooth and fine matte surface will not leave fingerprints, reduce bacterial cross propagation handle the strength of the moving parts of the lock outstanding so that the aluminum window handle of BOGO hardware is popular in the market.



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