Sliding Door Handle

In the hands of many sliding doors, baogao hardware sliding door handle always makes customers like it. 20 years of experience in production and design of sliding door lock set has required the highest quality of products. Its reputation has already spread all over the fabric industry. As an extremely comfortable sliding door, several important factors are indispensable. As a part of sliding door, it usually has the most contact with users It's sliding door handle. How does the user feel when judging a sliding door? Under the influence of two factors, the quality of sliding door handle has become an important part for users to judge the quality of sliding door. A good flush sliding door handles will have a versatile style, can be applied to sliding doors of various styles, and can play a finishing role in the whole sliding door. Baogao hardware owns: sliding door handle blls-500-600-800, sliding door handle with lock blls-nxl-290, sliding door handle blls-bld280, sliding door handle blls-420, sliding door handle blls-310, sliding door handle blls-bld250 and other sliding door handles. Different design lines give different styles of sliding door handle, outstanding Product design can always firmly grasp the hearts of users. In addition to good design, good product manufacturing process is also needed for good products. Baogao's flush sliding door handles lock is processed by computer digital control precision machining. Every part of the product is well treated in place. The surface of the lock is anodized. The high-thickness oxide layer forms oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and unique gold on the surface of the lock It is a perfect glossy lock.



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