Sliding Door Lock

At present, the semi enclosed balcony and living room use a glass sliding door, which will have better ventilation and lighting. There are many sliding doors of sliding door lock, because there are many materials of sliding doors, such as glass sliding doors, aluminum alloy sliding doors, solid wood sliding doors and sliding doors of different material combinations. Aluminum alloy sliding door lock can improve the security of sliding door. When installing the lock for the sliding door, you only need to directly install the aluminum alloy sliding door lock on the door jamb and the door frame. If you want to lock the sliding door, just move it to the position of the door pocket. The lock is installed on the sliding door on both sides. It's OK to open one at ordinary times. Multiple sliding doors. Some sliding doors have four doors. Foshan BOGO aluminum door and window accessories Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of folding door, sliding and hanging door, aluminum alloy central control door and window hardware accessories and marketing enterprise. It has been 20 years since its establishment, and its reputation has been well known at home and abroad. As a simple arc of sliding door lock manufacturers in China aluminum alloy sliding door lock, BOGO depicts a lock with a strong sense of fashion design. The surface of the lock body is anodized, and the lock body surface is always new for a long time, just like a life full of vicissitudes. The heart is still young, enthusiastic and never fading. It's not easy for anyone to live in a new era. It's a delicate design in a busy rhythm Let the lock further simplify the installation, save not only time, but also more worry to relax life.

It is important to make sure that you have a secure aluminium sliding door handle lock. This will prevent someone from being able to open your sliding door and enter your home. Having a lock on the door is just as important as having one if you want to protect your possessions from burglars. Locks are available in a variety of styles and types to suit all styles of sliding doors.


The best way to ensure that you have the right lock for your aluminium sliding door is to ensure that you get a lock that has been approved by a professional locksmith. This means that the lock has been tried and tested to be as secure as possible. A lock that is not suitable for your sliding door may not be the best option for you. If you do not have time to go to a locksmith, there are ways in which you can ensure that you get a good quality lock. You should check that the locking mechanisms are strong and sturdy.


It is also a good idea to choose a sliding door handle that is both secure and attractive. These will help to make your door look much better as well as ensuring that it is more secure. There are many different handles available, with some being quite unusual and some having very simple designs. It is important that you select one that matches the style and colour of your sliding door.


Before you buy your aluminium sliding door handle lock, make sure that you have measured the opening that the door has got to be able to fit into. If you need to add on any additional holes to the door, then this needs to be factored in when you are preparing to make your purchase. Remember to take into account the hinges that the door uses as well.


When it comes to actually installing the lock, you can do it yourself. However, if you feel that you are not confident or skilled enough to do so, then it might be a better idea to hire a locksmith. There are many that are experienced and will be able to install the lock within minutes. They will use their expertise to ensure that they lock is set securely. A sliding door lock will often require two keys to operate, so make sure that you select ones that are strong and reliable.


Aluminium sliding door handles tend to be very affordable, and it is a good idea to get a few of them for different areas of the house. In order to protect yourself and your family, you need to make sure that the door that you are using is as strong as possible. This means that you should invest in the best door handles that you can afford. When you choose a sliding door handle, remember to get one that looks great alongside your door. You do not want to be worrying about anyone else opening up your home when you are away!

Which Sliding Door Lock Is Better ?

In the room, we will choose the appropriate interior doors to install and use according to the different functional spaces. Among them, sliding doors are commonly used ones, which are mostly used as kitchen doors, balcony doors, etc., even wardrobe doors and cloakroom doors. Doors, but these doors generally do not need to be equipped with door locks, and kitchen doors and balcony doors are usually installed with door locks considering the safety of life. So how to choose a sliding door lock?


Now, BOGO aluminum alloy door and window accessories company introduces the relevant knowledge of sliding door locks to everyone.


The main function of the sliding door lock is to allow the sliding door to be firmly combined when it is closed, and it can be smooth and convenient when it is opened, and it is very convenient to use. For the overall aesthetics and comfort of the sliding door, it is necessary for everyone to understand the purchasing skills of the sliding door lock, so as to choose the most suitable sliding door lock.

Shopping skills one, the hook should be opened smoothly

Sliding doors are installed indoors and used as kitchen doors, balcony doors or bathroom doors, so they do not have high requirements for anti-theft, but for the convenience of daily use, the requirements for the lock body and hook are relatively high. For example, the lock body is the best It is thick, sturdy, and more durable; while the hook must be opened smoothly and without insensitiveness, otherwise the service life of the sliding door lock will not be long, which will bring trouble to life.

Purchase skills two, pay attention to the panel selection

There are many styles of sliding door locks. You need to choose the appropriate style of panel, material, functional configuration, etc. according to your own style. Generally, the surface of the panel should be bright without any traces of bruises, and screw holes and screws can be used. The fit is in place and there is no skew.

Purchase skills three, look at the type of sliding door lock

At present, sliding door locks on the market mainly include four types: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, invisible, and mobile. Different types of sliding door locks have different advantages and disadvantages. And which kind of sliding door lock to choose depends on the specific situation.


1. Stainless steel sliding door lock

The stainless steel sliding door locks on the market are the most common, generally the traditional crescent shape. Because of the high cost performance, many families will choose this type. It is a kind of floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door. The disadvantage is that it is easy to use for a long time. If it is blunt, it will not be smooth, and you need to apply oil to the lock, so that the service life of the stainless steel sliding door lock can be prolonged.


2. Aluminum sliding door lock

In contrast, aluminum alloy sliding door locks are also popular, and they sell very well on hardware accessories. The styles of aluminum alloy sliding door locks are rich and diverse, which can meet the needs of different decoration styles. The most common ones are silver and bronze, and The core lock and copper key set are of very good quality, with a long service life, and the shelf life is often up to 10 years.


Among the many sliding door handles, BOGO's BLLS-BLD250 handle has no hardware handles that are restricted by the changeable home style. Sliding door handles have simple lines and square shapes. The two ends of the handles are drawn according to the very beautiful arc. The exquisite handles produced by BOGO and the world-class anodizing technology give the handles an unparalleled touch and extremely delicate. Metal surface treatment, high-quality forging handle, high-quality, high-demand.


3. Invisible sliding door lock

Invisible sliding door lock: Many tasteful friends now like things that do not take up space. According to this market demand, there is now a kind of invisible sliding door on the market. The invisible sliding door is not really invisible. Knowledge puts the lock in the door. It doesn't take up space inside. For friends with babies, they prefer this kind of lock, because it will not have any parts that pop up, and there is no worries about children accidentally bumping.


4. Mobile sliding door lock

Customization is the most popular endorsement in this era. Many people like to DIY some things by themselves. Coupled with the external factors of expensive labor costs, people are more pursuing sliding door locks that they can do by themselves. Therefore, mobile sliding door locks are The principle is that the two films under the lock are fixed on the door through the key adjustment to achieve the effect of locking the door. Because the amount of use is small and it is customized, the market price is relatively high. Purchase skills 4. Purchase brand sliding door locks


The brand sliding door locks are of good quality first, with many styles, strong functional configuration, and high safety performance. Generally, there will be no unsmooth phenomenon when opening, and the after-sales service is good, so buying BOGO sliding door locks is safe and assured.

Installation Steps Of Sliding Door Lock

Installation steps 1. Put the sliding door lock on the frame of the door first, and then measure the installation position, then screw and tighten the screws, and then check whether the lock body is swinging or unstable. If so, pay attention to adjustment. In addition, a relatively low door track sliding door lock can be installed, and the advantage is that there is no need to punch or cut.


Installation step 2. Clean the bottom of the sliding door to ensure that the sliding is smooth and unobstructed. If there is dust on the track, it will affect the use of the door lock. If you see the dirty place, clean it up in time. If it is not easy to clean, you can use a tool to scrub and clean the track.


Installation step 3. Cut a small piece of non-slip tape and place it near the edge of the sliding door. When the door is closed, it is the side channel of the sliding rail, which can provide more friction, because it can sometimes be a sliding metal lock, which is convenient The sliding door lock is locked. The thumb screw of the door lock determines the rear position and then fix the screw.


Installation step 4. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and lock them on the edge of the sliding door to prevent it from being opened. After the installation is complete, adjust the door lock to see if there is any unevenness or partial jam. If it is normal, you can directly tighten the screws. Then insert the key, and then use the key to punch out the hook. After debugging, it can be used normally without any problems.


Through the above introduction, everyone has understood the installation steps of sliding door locks and the purchasing skills of sliding door locks. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Guides For Purchasing Sliding Door Lock

The base materials of frame profile sliding doors are generally aluminum alloy and plastic steel. Because aluminum alloy sliding doors are sturdy in material, with many designs and colors, and there are many types of glass, they are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and are highly decorative. They are suitable for installation in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. At the same time, they are more economical than other types of sliding doors. , Is a high-grade material for sliding door base material, and it is now the first choice that people generally choose. Plastic steel sliding doors have slowly faded out of the market. Metal titanium has the characteristics of high strength, small specific gravity, and high toughness. Therefore, its price will be several times more expensive.


In addition, advanced surface treatments include anodic oxidation, electrophoretic coated carbon spraying and other processes, which have higher hardness and aesthetics than simple spraying and electroplating.


1. Thickness

If glass or silver mirror is used as the door core, it is generally 5mm thick; if wood is used as the door core, 10mm thickness is the best. In order to save material costs, some manufacturers use thinner wood boards (8mm or even 6mm) instead. Wooden boards that are too thin will appear frivolous and shaky when pushed and pulled, and have poor stability. Moreover, after a period of use, they are easily warped and deformed.


2. Lacquer

The paint surface undergoes double-layer melting before spraying and transfer, that is, surface dust removal and impurity removal. This increases the adhesion of the paint surface, and the paint surface will never fall off. However, the profiles of some small manufacturers are simply melted. It does not even burn, so the paint is easy to fall off and the texture is not clear.


The profile surface of the large sliding door manufacturer is processed by the company itself, and then processed by imported advanced technology. The paint surface of the product is smooth and delicate, uniform and full, and the texture is clear.


Manufacturers of small sliding doors wholesale finished products with colored profiles from the profile factory. The surface cannot be processed by itself. The color is single and the color of the door shape is not interchangeable. If the profile is scratched during transportation or installation, the color of the original door is different when the material is refilled. Matching, large color difference and other issues.


3. Plate

The wood panels used for sliding doors (mainly fiberboard and particleboard) are man-made panels, and the adhesives used contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Many wall cabinet door manufacturers on the market mostly produce their wood panels in China, and even use crude panels. Many panels have excessive formaldehyde content, which is distributed indoors and pollutes the environment. In the cold northern season, when doors and windows are closed, the health of consumers is even greater.


4. Pulley material

Pulleys are the most important hardware components in sliding doors. Plastic pulleys, metal pulleys, and nylon plus fiberglass pulleys. These three types of pulleys are the most common on the market and the most stable material. The metal pulley is strong, but it is easy to produce noise when it comes into contact with the track.


The carbon fiberglass pulley contains roller bearings, sliding smoothly, durable in wear and tear, and the box-type closed structure is effective in preventing dust. It is more suitable for windy and sandy northern areas. Two anti-jumping devices ensure safety and reliability when sliding.


The wheels of some low-grade sliding doors are made of organic plastics, which are easy to wear and deform. The open wheel structure is easy to get dust and wear the internal bearings, and it is difficult to ensure flexible sliding. An anti-jumping device does not even have an anti-jumping device. , It is easy to derail when pushing and pulling, which is very insecure.


Shake the sliding door in the vertical direction of the slide rail. The smaller the degree of shaking, the better the stability. When shaking, pay attention to the upper pulley and the upper sliding rail. If the sliding door is of good quality, the gap between them is almost zero, so that there will be no vibration when sliding, and it will be smooth and smooth. Therefore, the tight combination of the upper pulley and the slide rail must be adjusted well, so that the sliding door will have better stability when sliding.


5. The pros and cons of the bottom wheel

Only the bottom wheel with super load-bearing capacity can guarantee its good sliding effect and super long service life. High-end sliding doors are made of carbon glass fiber, with balls inside and non-drying grease attached. Inferior pulleys are often made of engineering plastics or organic plastics. The bearing capacity is small. It may not be a big problem to start using. It is easy to deform after a long time, which will affect the style of the push-pull effect panel.


Partition: As partition doors, most of them are relatively transparent panels, which can make the space more open, take into account the decorative effect, and match the overall style of the room.


Cabinet door: The materials include wood, glass, mirror and others. The height of the glass sliding door should not exceed 2.5 meters. The mirror sliding door is not suitable for the bedroom. Plate sliding doors are simple and generous, with good safety. In addition, there are also shutter series sliding doors and plate sliding doors.

6. Stop device

The stop block can be made of alloy steel sheets with good rigidity and durability, because these metals will not react with the usual acids. After a long time collision, it will shift and make the sliding door unable to stop in place. In fact, metals have a fatigue period and are easily deformed after a long time of work. And the stop block made of copper is very resistant to corrosion in the environment where humans live Therefore, you can choose such a material as much as possible.

How Many Leaf Sliding Doors Are More Suitable For Use ?

We have to consider from two aspects:

The first is to consider as much as possible to ensure that the walking space is as large as possible.


The door opening of a conventional kitchen swing door is generally 76 cm, and the walking distance after the door is made is about 68-70 cm. When we make sliding doors, we must ensure that the walking space and the flat door are equal or larger than that.


Second, we need to consider functionality. Generally, sliding doors are mostly used in the kitchen or balcony. When used in the kitchen, we must also consider the relationship between the kitchen cabinets and the sliding doors.


Commonly, if it is made into an L-shaped kitchen, one sliding door may not move, and if it is made into a U-shaped kitchen, there may be two sliding doors that cannot move. How many sliding doors need to be made, must be decided according to the actual situation of the home, generally two doors can be made, not three doors, four doors can be made, not three doors.


Traditional sliding doors will share the same track, so that the walking space is always only one distance away. Unless the room type is very suitable for three sliding doors, it is generally not recommended to use it.


Now there is a relatively new type of sliding door that is linkage. Linking sliding doors solves the trouble of multiple traditional sliding doors sharing the same track. It can ensure that each sliding door has its own track, whether it is two, three or four. The fan, when not in use, occupies only the width of a door, which can ensure the maximum walking space.


However, the linkage sliding door is not perfect. Each sliding door has an independent track, which will make the total width of the track wider and occupy a larger thickness, and the price of this kind of door is higher than ordinary prices.


Finally, let’s talk about the glass of the sliding door. Now the sliding doors are made of double-layer tempered glass, which is more transparent. Don’t worry about the mess in the kitchen. You must use frosted glass. This will affect the lighting outside the kitchen, and it will feel the kitchen. It's boring inside, and cleaning the kitchen is also a beautiful scenery.

What Will Happened When The Sliding Door Look Being Used In Kitchen

Because both sides of the sliding door are possible, if you don't decide the direction of the rear lock, it will cause a lot of trouble in use.


It is best to have locks on both sides. The kitchen does not have a door lock. However, if you must install a door lock, it is best to open the lock on both sides. If you accidentally unlock it, you can easily open it. If there is only one side, install it outside to prevent children from running in when no one is in the kitchen and lock it inside.


In fact, it is not necessary to install the lock in the kitchen, because it is basically not used, and the installation of the lock will also cause damage to the frame of the door.


1. The surface treatment of color aluminum doors and windows, color aluminum doors and windows is powder spraying, electrophoresis coating, wood grain, the product shape design is exquisite and generous, the workmanship is delicate and exquisite, the surface of the profile has a variety of colors, and the strength is high and does not change color. Through the combination of grid buckle and various styles of glass, dozens of exquisite door shapes can be processed. It is a good choice to make kitchen sliding doors.


2. Aluminum-magnesium alloy door, aluminum-magnesium alloy door, wood-like aluminum material technology makes the realistic wood grain visual effect and three-dimensional tactile effect make you feel like you are in the forest. Earl Jin leads you into a new era of environmentally friendly, convenient and safe decoration. It is durable, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non-fading, non-deformation, and has the characteristics of sound insulation. It is the new bright spot of aluminum alloy doors at home and abroad.


3. Titanium-magnesium alloy doors. Titanium-magnesium alloy doors have high strength and low density, good mechanical properties, toughness and corrosion resistance. In addition, titanium alloy has poor process performance and difficult cutting process. In hot processing, it is very easy to absorb metal impurities, and has poor wear resistance. The production process is complicated. Its main component is titanium, but the content of magnesium is also large.


The profile and glass styles of the titanium-magnesium alloy category are divided into the north and the south: the north is characterized by thick aluminum and stable style. The representative is the grid style, and the feature of the grid is the Tanger. The south is characterized by diverse aluminum shapes and flexible styles. The representative is the embossed glass style. The more distinctive styles include grate, ice sculpture, shallow sculpture, crystal shell and so on.

The installation height of the kitchen sliding door is determined

1. There is a track box on the upper part of the sliding door, and the dimensions between them must be 12 cm high and 9 cm wide. Like a curtain box, the track box is equipped with a track, which can hang the sliding door on the track. Now the height of most gates or gates is 1.95-2.15 meters high. Experience shows that when the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, no matter how tall the person is, they will feel very depressed and uncomfortable. Therefore, when making a sliding door, the height is less than 195+12=207 cm, and there is enough space to do it before the sliding door can be considered. Otherwise, it can only be suspended externally, that is, the track box is exposed outside, which must be unsightly, and over time, the gap between the door and the wall will become larger.


2. The width is required. The size of a normal door is about 80 cm×200 cm. With this structure, the door is relatively stable. If there is a height of more than 200 cm, or even higher, to make a sliding door, it is better to narrow the width of the door or make a few more sliding doors on the premise that the area remains the same to maintain the stability and safety of the door. sex. The structure of the sliding door should match the overall style.


3. Because the floor to the top surface is generally about 255 cm, and the height of the normal door is generally between 195-215 cm, the shape of the sliding door should be combined with the indoor structure and space requirements, otherwise it will affect the visual discomfort. Regardless of whether it is a flat surface or a styling or other materials such as glass, it needs to be more beautiful and coordinated with the entire style.

Ways To Overcome The Situation Where Sliding Door Locked Inside

Many families now like to install sliding doors in their homes, because sliding doors can effectively transmit sunlight and also have a good ventilation effect, so they are favored by people.


We also know that a sliding door lock is usually installed on a sliding door. What should we do if the sliding door is locked from the inside? Don't worry, BOGO is here to explain to you what we should do when the sliding door is locked from the inside.


1. If we can find a sharp-pointed knife, we can use it to unlock. We first hold the door from the outside of the sliding door, and then insert the tip of a knife into the gap in the lock slot. Be careful not to scratch your hands, and then insert the tip of the knife straight into the lock. Then you can work hard in the direction of the activity, and try several times if it doesn't work at one time. After several attempts, the door can be opened.


2. If sometimes the door lock cannot be opened due to external forces, it is usually caused by the door lock tongue being unhooked. If we encounter this situation, we can use a screwdriver to remove the lock and screw. Then make specific repairs based on the situation in the door lock.


3. The above operation methods all require us to have a certain degree of operation ability, but also have a certain degree of danger. So if you are a female child at home alone or an elderly person who has no hands-on ability, don't open the lock blindly by yourself. Just in case you get your hands during the operation, it will not be worth the loss. Therefore, in the case of problems that we cannot solve, we can ask professional people for help, and ask professional unlocking masters to help us unlock. Note that you must hire a professional master, because professional masters have studied various intractable diseases, and they can choose the right method to solve your problem.


The above are some small methods of BOGO company about the sliding door lock is locked inside, what should we do. The above methods are not necessarily suitable for any situation. We have to make specific analysis according to the specific situation, and cannot be generalized. Therefore, when you encounter problems, don't panic, let alone repair blindly, so as not to cause more trouble.

9 Methods of Installation For Bathroom Sliding Door Lock

1. First determine the direction of the door opening according to the situation at home: people stand outside the door and face the door.


2. Draw a horizontal line on the door at the appropriate height, and cut the lock body installation paper gauge according to the requirements;


3. Drill holes in the door. First align the door edge line and horizontal line on the panel installation paper gauge with the door edge line and horizontal line of the door. After alignment, the installation point can be determined.


4. Place the lock body, align the horizontal line specified by the lock body installation paper with the horizontal line on the door, and make a lock body hole in the center of the back of the door. According to the size of most sliding door locks on the market, the lock body hole is about 12mm wide, 85mm high and 65mm deep. After drilling the lock body hole, clean up the residue in the hole;


5. From the center of the lock body hole, drill a hole with a width of 16mm, a height of 130mm, and a depth of 28mm, so that the body plate is flush with the plane on the side of the door lock;


6. Prepare the lock body. After confirming that the arrow of the lock body is facing upwards, put the lock body into the previously drilled hole of 12mm width, 85mm height, and 65mm depth. After placing the lock body, put the liner on, and finally make the liner Align the hole in the plate with the lock hook. After confirming the alignment, use two wood screws to tighten the liner to ensure that the lock hook is driven in.


7. Drive in the lock hook and pull out the key. According to the method of sliding the door to the left and moving the door to the vertical, after the lock ruler is horizontal or vertical, pass through the cross hole on the lock body, and the outer panel is close to the door panel outside. One side: align the knob on the inner panel with the lock ruler and insert it so that the two screw holes on the inner panel are directly opposite to the two studs on the outer panel. Close to the door, tighten the inner and outer panels with screws .


8. Installation of buckle plate and buckle box. Generally, there is a word "上" on the buckle box to help you determine the upper and lower positions of the buckle box. The side with the word "上" faces up, and drill on the position corresponding to the lock hook on the door frame The square hole of the buckle plate and the buckle box hole are inserted into the buckle plate and the buckle box and fastened with screws;


9. After the gusset and gusset box are installed, the installation work is basically completed. Check all parts, if the door lock opens smoothly, all screws can be tightened.

Which Sliding Door Lock Is Suitable For Master Bedroom ?

BOGO wants to give everyone a popular science on this theme. Now young people like to install sliding doors in the master bedroom.


1. What are the advantages of sliding doors in the master bedroom?

The sliding doors of the main bed are of various styles, with high aesthetics, and at the same time can enhance the visual sense of space and save space. Moreover, the bedroom sliding door has high lighting, and the room brightness is stronger than that of the traditional bedroom door. Finally, the sliding door of the master bench is more soundproof.


2. What are the disadvantages of sliding doors in the master bedroom?

Compared with the traditional bedroom door, the sliding door of the master bed is less private and has a lower safety factor.


3. What thickness of aluminum is suitable for the sliding door of the master bedroom?

The moderate aluminum thickness of the main sliding door is 1.4mm, which is undoubtedly the most cost-effective.


4. Which sliding door lock is better for bedroom sliding door?

For sliding door locks, we recommend the use of BOGO sliding door locks, because BOGO’s sliding door locks are strictly produced through 8 processes:

Good selection of raw materials,CNC machining,Polish,QC,Sandblasting

Surface treatment: The film thickness of the oxidized product surface can reach more than 18μ. Such anodized surface can resist salt spray test for more than 1500 hours, and weather resistance UV test can reach more than 1000 hours.

Years of production and manufacturing work experience allows BOGO to always maintain technological independent innovation, always care about market needs and changes, diligently consider the diversified selection of customers and produce good products for everyone to use.

3 Steps To Keep The Sliding Door Hand Lock More Safe

To keep your family safe, every entry point to your home must be protected. From windows to front and back doors, you need to ensure that all potential entry points have mechanisms in place to deter would-be criminals.


Cladding doors can be a little tricky to fix because they can't be plated steel like entry doors and windows. While front doors and windows can also be secured with deadbolts, sliding doors may require more effective means to secure them from unauthorized access.


Here are some things you can do to make your sliding door handle locks more secure.

1. Test existing locks

Most sliding doors have locks on the handles. Small latches help your door stay on the frame. Before considering any other security measure in your home, make sure the lock works properly. By locking and unlocking your door lock, you can easily detect faults in the lock.


If the door moves every time you try to unlock the sliding glass door, your door latch is not properly attached to the frame. This may require the door lock to be repaired or replaced. Consider hiring a professional locksmith or door installer to make sure your sliding glass door frame is secure enough to keep your family safe.


2. Maintain door rollers and tracks

Most problems with sliding door lock sets usually start when your sliding door starts moving erratically on plastic rollers. When your rollers don't open and close sliding doors smoothly, you have latching issues. Clean any dirt or debris clogging the roller system. This makes it easier to open or close the sliding door without damaging the lock.


However, if cleaning the sliding door rollers does not solve your door lock problem, you can try sizing the rollers to suit your door. Some doors have smaller adjustment holes on the top and bottom edges that allow you to make the rollers larger or smaller.


3. Install a home alarm system

If you have already installed a home alarm system, make sure it is attached to your sliding glass door. You can do this quickly by making sure your alarm technician sets up an alarm that notifies you whenever your door lock detects an unwarranted person trying to enter your home.


You can also install glass break sensors on the sliding glass doors or on the wall next to the sliding doors in case a burglar or thug decides to break the sliding door glass instead of picking the lock. The alarm system has also been improved to include security questions in your lock system. This means that whenever someone tries to open your lock to scan, you will receive an instant notification on your device.



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