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At present, the semi enclosed balcony and living room use a glass sliding door, which will have better ventilation and lighting. There are many sliding doors of sliding door lock, because there are many materials of sliding doors, such as glass sliding doors, aluminum alloy sliding doors, solid wood sliding doors and sliding doors of different material combinations. Aluminum alloy sliding door lock can improve the security of sliding door. When installing the lock for the sliding door, you only need to directly install the aluminum alloy sliding door lock on the door jamb and the door frame. If you want to lock the sliding door, just move it to the position of the door pocket. The lock is installed on the sliding door on both sides. It's OK to open one at ordinary times. Multiple sliding doors. Some sliding doors have four doors. Foshan BOGO aluminum door and window accessories Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of folding door, sliding and hanging door, aluminum alloy central control door and window hardware accessories and marketing enterprise. It has been 20 years since its establishment, and its reputation has been well known at home and abroad. As a simple arc of sliding door lock manufacturers in China aluminum alloy sliding door lock, BOGO depicts a lock with a strong sense of fashion design. The surface of the lock body is anodized, and the lock body surface is always new for a long time, just like a life full of vicissitudes. The heart is still young, enthusiastic and never fading. It's not easy for anyone to live in a new era. It's a delicate design in a busy rhythm Let the lock further simplify the installation, save not only time, but also more worry to relax life.



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