Deluxe Handler BW-171

  • Product Name: Deluxe Handler
  • Colour: silver oxide, gold oxide, copper oxide, black oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Scope of application: aluminium alloy window

PRODUCT Description


The surface is treated by anodic oxidation; the film level reaches AA15 level; it is not easy to scratch and endure; it is corrosion-resistant and durable; it has long-term gloss, fine grinding process, corrosion resistance and good brightness; sand blasting process, even sand quality; multiple polishing treatment, smooth surface, made of high-quality aluminium alloy material, stamped into a panel as a whole: to ensure long-term holding, delicate handle, smooth switch. Ergonomic design, comfortable handle with heavy weight; antistatic, not easy to absorb dust, easy to clean

When it was first used, it was very smooth, but after a little time, the sliding door creaked, which was not smooth. Where is the problem???? It's not about the design of the Steinless steel track pully manufacturers, it's not about the door structure. When the door leaf is used, it is stuck and can't be pushed. Maybe there is a problem with the pulley. As an important part of the whole sliding door function, pulley is perfect or not. Many sliding doors have no problems when they are first used, but with the use time becoming longer and longer, the problems appear from time to time,,, inevitably, on the market, pull roller for sliding door There are many kinds of pulleys for manufacturers, but there are not many pulleys with strong load-bearing performance, smooth and durable, silent. Baogao hardware is used as a sliding door track pulley supplier - 150000 times of opening and closing life test at 30-170 , with a static load of up to 120kg. The temperature limit is far beyond the requirements of the world. Reasonable design, easy installation and adjustment. Z3 low noise bearing, Z3 represents that the vibration acceleration level limit of the bearing conforms to Z3 group specified in relevant standards. Z1 / Z2 / Z3 group bearings belong to low noise bearing. Z3 has lower noise than Z2, and Z2 has lower noise than Z1.



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