Hinge, also known as hinge, is the hinge knob for closing and opening the door or window sash. There are many kinds of hinges on the market. BOGO hardware is a systematic aluminum alloy hinge manufacturer, but in terms of quality, aluminum alloy hinge is the best one among many materials. From the functional point of view, it can be divided into: disassembly hinge, bending hinge, sub parent hinge, spring hinge, seven character hinge and other door hinges. From the structural point of view, it can be divided into general type and light type , T-type, core pulling type, silent hinge, concealed hinge, fillet safety hinge, bearing hinge, fan-shaped hinge, turn over hinge, and single flag hinge, etc. aluminum alloy door hinge is usually supplied as follows, core pulling type, H-type and double axis type are mainly used for doors and windows that need to be dismantled frequently, T-type hinge, square type hinge and bearing hinge are used for doors and windows with large weight and size; spring hinge The detachable hinge is used for the door leaf which needs to be closed automatically, while the silent hinge is used for the door and window in the place with high requirement for quietness. The turning hinge is used for the turning window leaf, and the single flag hinge is used for the double-layer window. Intelligent technology touches the new fashion of science and technology. No matter how to present the pursuit of the future, what remains unchanged is the pursuit of ultimate product quality. BOGO hardware, as an aluminum alloy hinge supplier, is waiting for the future, looking forward to the future and expecting more and more. Because it is still a dream for us at this moment; it is a dream we have not yet guessed. We have only to look forward, only to wait for it to come.



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