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Aluminum alloy Sliding window lock With the wide use of sliding windows in people's life scenes due to their viewing and convenience, sliding window locks are more important. On the market, sliding window locks are mainly divided into strip locks, crescent locks and handle locks, but they are preferred in matching, function and durability, most of them All of them are single lock, simple and powerful in appearance, and stable in product performance. BOGO hardware, as a sliding window lock wholesale, has a 20000 square meter design, development and production base in China and a good brand reputation at home and abroad under the influence of the global market. The product quality is also the first choice of BOGO hardware for customers. The smooth and delicate anodizing layer, CNC manufacturing without burr, is produced according to the production standard of handicraft. In terms of the functional distinction between aluminum alloy sliding window lock, there are two types of automatic lock and non automatic lock. The name of automatic lock is that when the window is closed with the window frame, the lock can automatically lock. Advantages of sliding window: sliding window adopts the track sliding of window sash equipped with pulley on the window frame. The advantages of this window are that no extra space is occupied in the opening and closing state, and the structure is relatively good For simplicity. Disadvantages of sliding window: only 50% of window sashes can be opened at most, and the air tightness is poor when closing. In recent years, there are improved sliding windows with new technology, which can push multiple sashes to one side and fold them. At the same time, there are push-pull windows to improve air tightness. From traditional production to the R & D and production of intelligent locks, BOGO hardware has spent 20 years of hard work in exchange for today's achievements. Since entering the 20th century, BOGO hardware has been conquering the market with high standard product quality, moving forward on the road of intelligent sliding window lock, such as the latest BOGO sliding window lock Li series of intelligent bright sliding window locks launched in 2019, which is in the middle of China's market has formed a trend of intelligent hardware.

  • Sliding Window Lock BQ-222A

    Sliding Window Lock BQ-222A

    Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

  • Sliding Window Lock BQ-120A

    Sliding Window Lock BQ-120A

    Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

  • Sliding Window Lock BQ-152A

    Sliding Window Lock BQ-152A

    Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

  • Sliding Window Lock BQ122A

    Sliding Window Lock BQ122A

    Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

  • Sliding Window Lock BQ-321A

    Sliding Window Lock BQ-321A

    Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

Foshan BOGO Aluminum Door and Window Hardware Fittings Co., Ltd.was established in 1999the factory is located in Dali, Foshan, the aluminum capital of China. For a long time, BOGO adheres to the corporate tenet of "innovation and enterprising, sincere and trustworthy, service first", daring to innovate and continuous improvement. For 22 years it has been focusing on the research and development of door and window accessories such as casement doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, and is committed to providing high-end customers worldwide. Aluminum door and window accessories and overall solutions, relying on strong research and development capabilities and technical advantages, have always maintained a leading position in the industry, and are deeply trusted by customers at home and abroad.

The BOGO brand adheres to the precision quality of the German industry and is committed to the research and development and innovation of new aluminum doors and windows. The company has in-depth strategic partnerships with many large-scale aluminum profile and hardware companies at home and abroad, and has introduced international advanced production equipment and technology to ensure In order to improve the quality of each product, through the continuous improvement of products and processes, we continue to meet the market's demand for high-end doors and windows. Especially in sliding window locks, the appearance design uses a modern and simple style, and the production process is also the pursuit of excellence.

In the production process of BOGO sliding window locks, the first step from the selection of raw materials is very important. Each processing procedure is checked at various levels. The entire production process of "not manufacturing defective products, not accepting defective products" resolutely follows the following ten steps Process for production:


1. Raw material inspection: The material is made of Chinese standard T6 aluminum alloy, and the hardness can reach 15 degrees or more. The material selection has been strictly checked. The material that does not meet the standard is refused to enter the factory line. Such good raw materials are manufactured and processed. The quality of the product is very good, and the probability of repairing if there is a problem is very low.


2. CNC processing: The processing technology adopts the processing technology of CNC precision equipment, the size is accurate, the surface is smooth, and the line is very clear. Each sliding window lock has a very rigorous operation process and standardization requirements, so as to ensure that every All products meet the standards of craft level.


3. Grinding: After the CNC machining is completed, the surface of the material will be polished once to make the surface smoother.


4. Full inspection: After the above procedures are completed, BOGO's QC will carefully inspect each product, and will not miss a product with any defects.


5. Sandblasting: then sandblasting the surface, the purpose of sandblasting is to make the surface of the lock more strongly textured and three-dimensional


6. Surface treatment: The blasted workpiece is then anodized. During the anodizing process, there are also very strict standards for the anodizing process. Anodizing is the contemporary basic and universal metal surface treatment method. A layer of oxide film is produced on the surface layer, and different anodic treatment solutions are used to obtain different oxide film structure engineering. The total oxidation time of each workpiece in the production line cannot be less than 60 minutes, so that the film thickness of the oxidized product surface can reach more than 18μ. Such anodized surface resists salt spray test for more than 1500 hours, and resists weather resistance. The test can reach more than 1000 hours, and the abrasion resistance will be very good. Such sliding window locks are more durable, especially in coastal areas, where the acid salt spray is particularly heavy, and it is most suitable for use. Basically, it will not be corroded for 20 years.


7. Full inspection: Before assembling the finished sliding window lock, all the workpieces need to be inspected completely. The main reason is that there are minor flaws and chromatic aberration problems, because the most difficult to control problem of anodizing is the chromatic aberration problem. The same batch of workpieces may appear in various shades of color during the oxidation process. The inspection is to select the color difference workpieces and reprocess them.


8. Installation: Assemble and debug qualified parts.


9. Inspection: BOGO has established its own testing center, and the sliding window locks have been opened manually through its own laboratory to simulate more than 250 million times, so the service life is not less than 20 years.


10. Finished products: Only products that pass the inspection can enter the packaging workshop, so that our staff can pack them and ship them to customers.


Sliding window lock of BOGO has a more user-friendly design element, which is the addition of a child safety lock. In order to prevent children under the age of 8 from opening windows at will, a lock switch is installed on the surface of the sliding window lock. This switch can only be opened by adults with a special key. The purpose is to prevent children from opening windows at will. accident.


Years of experience in production and manufacturing let BOGO understand that it must always maintain technological independent innovation, always pay attention to market needs and changes, and diligently consider customers' diversified selections to ensure quality and quantity. In addition, perseverance creates classics. As BOGO understands, well-known brands that make customers and stores truly satisfying are considered well-known brands. Nowadays, the aluminum door and window accessories customization industry coincides with the hot season. For stores, aluminum door and window accessories have always been purchased in large quantities. So choosing good raw materials is the cornerstone of producing better products. Choose trusted and well-known brands to make yourself and Customers are more comfortable. BOGO is such a well-known brand that is so comfortable.

All the gorgeous language looks pale in the face of data. Sliding window locks with a single monthly sales volume of over tens of thousands are rare in the entire industry. The reason behind the high sales volume is definitely not accidental. It is the ability to grasp the industry's outlets, or Master the core technology of aluminum door and window hardware custom locks?

The competition in the aluminum door and window hardware customization industry has become fierce. Since its establishment, BOGO Hardware has never stopped pursuing the core technology of door and window hardware locks. 20 years of hardware lock R&D and production experience, ingenuity and meticulous research and development spirit, has made BOGO Hardware always in Door and window hardware brand that has attracted much attention in the door and window industry.

BOGO Li series sliding window locks are so popular in the industry that the net celebrity sliding window lock products were born in such a door and window hardware company with a strong technical background.

It is impossible to manufacture infinite products only with strong R&D technology. Multi-dimensional matching can achieve perfect online celebrity products. High-standard quality control is required. Starting from the source of product materials, high-quality virgin aluminum materials, and then to high-precision CNC processing and stamping , And then to polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, assembling, and finished product sales. Every production link is closely interlocked, and no errors are allowed.

The scientific and rigorous German craftsmanship has made BOGO aluminum door and window hardware customized products widely praised in the market. BOGO Li series sliding window locks are integrated into high-tech home technology. Advanced technological wisdom has set off a technology lock in the relatively traditional hardware industry. Agitation.

The bright sliding window lock seems simple, but the empowerment of the product has exceeded everyone's understanding of door and window hardware. The charm of sliding window locks comes from the brand. When a brand achieves the ultimate between quality and service, then the charm of the brand is irresistible. BOGO Aluminum Door and Window Hardware Co., Ltd. has been customized: CCTV broadcast brand, China's top ten hardware Behind the honor of lock brand and other honors, BOGO people are endowed with the ingenuity and quality of each product.

In the era of big data, it is not accidental to make the popular online celebrity sliding window locks with monthly sales of tens of thousands.

Rainwater leakage of aluminum alloy sliding windows

1) The main body of the sliding window has serious plastic deformation, tearing or damage or glass breakage, causing the main body of the door and window to lose the function of sheltering the wind and rain.

2) In the case of serious water leakage inside the window, water can be seen indoors when the outdoor wind pressure is high.

3) When the window sash is closed, there is rainwater leakage at the sealing strip.

4) Rainwater penetrates into the doors and windows and the main structure through various assembly gaps to form water leakage.

The main reason for rainwater leakage of aluminum sliding windows

1) The strength and rigidity of the main structure of the sliding window fails to meet the local wind pressure resistance requirements, causing the stressed members, hardware accessories, and connecting materials of the doors and windows to produce serious plastic deformation, cracking or damage under normal wind loads. , Or the glass breaks, causing rainwater to leak. This situation is more harmful, and the consequences cannot be repaired and compensated.

2) The design of the waterproof structure is unreasonable, the sealing level of the aluminum profile section is not enough, and there are no multiple drainage channels. Rainwater is easy to enter the door and window cavity under the action of the indoor and outdoor wind pressure difference, and then cannot be smoothly discharged outside through the door and window drainage system, overflowing in the doors and windows and causing water leakage.

3) The quality of auxiliary materials such as sealant, adhesive strips and hardware accessories is unqualified, such as acid glass glue used in the sealant, expired use of the sealant, counterfeit and inferior products, etc., causing the sealant to be weakly bonded to the glass and profile, or Long-term non-consolidation, or thermal expansion and cold shrinkage can cause cracks, etc.; the sealing tape is too hard, and the aging performance is poor, and it is broken when shrinking; the top brush is too short and the gap is too large, causing rain to directly float in; the quality of hardware accessories is too high Poor, it will break if it cannot withstand multiple openings, or plastic deformation or fracture of the accessories under high wind pressure, so that the window sash cannot be closed, causing rainwater to seep into the room.

4) The processing accuracy of doors and windows does not meet the quality requirements, the fit gap is large, or the sealant needs to be applied before assembly, but the assembly is directly assembled without being applied, or the assembly size is not well controlled, resulting in the misalignment or overlap size of the overlapping seals. Insufficiency causes rainwater to easily penetrate into the door window and the main structure through various assembly gaps, forming water leakage.

In order to solve the above problems, the design of the sliding window lock BQ series produced by BOGO's Chinese factory can solve the above problems well.

1) In the design and preparation stage of the sliding window lock BQ series, the factory spent a lot of engineers and expenses to participate in the drawing review, and proposed in-depth design requirements for the defects in the design; in the structural design, strict calculation and design according to the specifications are carried out according to the engineering characteristics , It is not simple to apply; model windows can be made according to the engineering situation, and physical performance testing can be carried out before mass production to determine whether the sliding window lock meets the design requirements and performance indicators, and increase the number of sealing passes and locking points of doors and windows.

2) The wall thickness of the aluminum profile must meet the local building wind load and use requirements. If the section resistance is not enough, the wall thickness must be increased to increase the section size. For some high windows with large openings or doors and windows on high-rise buildings, it is advisable to refer to the curtain wall design code, check the selected local stability, and make special treatments for the profiles and glass. The force-bearing members of exterior doors and windows of buildings should be determined by calculation. The wall thickness of the main force-bearing members of aluminum alloy sliding windows (such as outer frame, fan frame, middle stile, etc.) shall not be less than 1.4 mm, and the outer frame wall thickness of aluminum alloy doors and large composite windows The thickness must not be less than 2.0 mm. The connection between the sliding window components must be firm and reliable. The aluminum alloy window erection and crosspiece connection must not use plastic plugs, but the sliding window lock BL series produced by BOGO factory should be used, and the good connection part should also be sealed with sealant To seal and waterproof.

3) The window waterproof structure design needs to increase the level of door and window sealing, and install more sealing tape; for larger sliding windows, use the three-point lock or multi-point lock produced by the BOGO factory to increase the lock point, and use the sealing tape instead of the top The four corners of the window frame and the window sash are welded together, and then a small opening is appropriately opened on the lower surface of the window frame using the principle of equal pressure to achieve a balance between the internal cavity pressure and the outdoor pressure, and the screw heads connecting the outer frame of the window are treated with sealant and other methods Prevent rainwater from leaking. The assembly of the sliding window system is a unit type multi-cavity rain screen structure, which has good waterproof and drainage performance. It is a new type of combined door and window structure. The airtight and watertight performances are compatible with the performance level of the single window, and the performance of the doors and windows will not be reduced due to the combination. The system sets up anti-collision rubber strips between the vertical window frame and the window sash, so that when the window is closed, the window sash presses the anti-collision rubber strip to form an isobaric cavity to prevent water, air and noise from entering the room. The sealing structure of this sliding door and window adopts a reasonable structural design, does not increase the sliding resistance of the sliding window, and has the function of sliding freely on and off, and has high performance of preventing rainwater leakage.

4) The usual sliding window design is to improve the watertight performance by increasing the height difference between the inside and outside of the lower rail. Since the sliding window is to be pushed, the water cannot be completely blocked, and increasing the height difference between the inside and outside of the lower rail will affect the appearance. The water intake and drainage of sliding doors and windows is a dynamic balance. The poor watertight performance of sliding doors and windows is caused by the imbalance of this dynamic balance. Only by creating conditions to ensure dynamic balance can the watertight performance of sliding doors and windows be improved. In the design, hydraulic floating rubber strips can be used to block the water intake and accurately control the drainage flow to effectively ensure the dynamic balance. The hydraulic floating rubber strip is to add a self-floating rubber strip seal at the lower end of the aluminum alloy sliding window to improve the watertight and airtight sealing performance of the sliding window. Since the rubber strip is installed under the sliding window sash, it will not be in close contact with the sliding window sash, so the sliding window sash can slide freely at ordinary times. When there is a lot of water in the sliding window frame, the water that cannot be discharged will slowly raise the self-floating rubber strip, press the bottom of the sliding window sash, and seal the gap between the sliding window frame and the sliding window sash, thereby blocking The water inlet channel in the sliding window frame. While controlling the water intake, it is also necessary to consider the drainage flow rate. When the drainage holes are too large, the dynamic balance between the water intake and the drainage will be destroyed, resulting in poor water tightness, and the water in the indoor side tank still cannot be discharged. Only by accurately controlling the drainage flow, the pressure of the inlet water is balanced in the rail space under the sliding window, which effectively guarantees the dynamic balance. Rubber strips are set in the sliding window waterproof structure to form a barrier layer for water and air, which increases the air penetration resistance of the door and window gaps, improves the air tightness, and ensures the gap between the rubber strips and the door and window frames when they are normally opened, which does not affect the sliding movement. , And can ensure the water-tight performance of the window to connect the seam and remove the water.

5) Rainwater leakage caused by unqualified sealing materials can generally be solved by replacing better quality sealing materials. The preferred materials are: hollow glass, needle roller or ball pulley, flat siliconized sealing top, three Ethylene propylene rubber sealing strips, flat-type siliconized sealing tops, modified polyvinyl chloride or rubber sealing strips are recommended. In addition, on the outdoor side where the glass of the fixed windows and window sashes are in contact with the aluminum profile, it is better to use a neutral silicone sealant for sealing, which can reduce water leakage caused by the sealant strip, and is also easy to construct and maintain.

6) For components with gaps, apply sealant on the overlapping parts of the profiles before assembling, and then assemble them to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the doors and windows and the main structure through various assembly gaps.

7) Before the sliding window frame is put on the wall, select the unfavorable wind pressure resistance or large batch of integral windows for various performance tests to determine whether the design of the sliding window can meet the performance standards. 




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