Heavy Pulley BW-174

  • Product name: heavy pulley
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product load-bearing: 140 kg
  • Pulley characteristics: The adjustable range is 5 mm.

PRODUCT Description


High and low temperature range - 30 to 170 C

Repeated start-up and shut-down life test 150,000 times.


(Standard 100,000 times) Load 100 kg static load up to 120 kg of high-quality aluminum, shell support using high-quality stainless steel, pulley overall anti-corrosion performance is high (NSS 240 hours or above 9 grades, usable 8-10 years) using motor bearings, high load-bearing, smooth sliding, smooth hand feel, silence less than 25 decibels (high material hardness HRC 66 degrees) imported modified nylon, pulley coating using imported modification. Nylon material, high strength, strong wear resistance, high impact resistance, self-lubricating effect, excellent anti-aging performance


A good sliding door pulley can be said to be whether a sliding door is smooth in use. Where is the problem???? It's not about the design of the Steinless steel track pully manufacturers, it's not about the door structure. When the door leaf is used, it is stuck and can't be pushed. Maybe there is a problem with the pulley. As an important part of the whole sliding door function, pulley is perfect or not. Many sliding doors have no problems when they are first used, but with the use time becoming longer and longer, the problems appear from time to time,,, inevitably, on the market, pull roller for sliding door There are many kinds of pulleys for manufacturers, but there are not many pulleys with strong load-bearing performance, smooth and durable, silent. Baogao hardware is used as a sliding door track pulley supplier - 150000 times of opening and closing life test at 30-170 , with a static load of up to 120kg. The temperature limit is far beyond the requirements of the world. Reasonable design, easy installation and adjustment. Z3 low noise bearing, Z3 represents that the vibration acceleration level limit of the bearing conforms to Z3 group specified in relevant standards. Z1 / Z2 / Z3 group bearings belong to low noise bearing. Z3 has lower noise than Z2, and Z2 has lower noise than Z1.


Sliding doors are one of the most beautiful and practical interior door solutions for modern homes. Their aesthetic looks are very attractive and give any home a soothing and warm ambiance. They are also very easy to operate as they can slide on their tracks and open and close themselves smoothly. However, like any other mechanical equipment, they require regular servicing and repair, which can be really time consuming. This is where the beauty of sliding door pulley system comes in. It is the best possible solution for repairing doors and making them work more efficiently.


Home decoration is indeed an art and shows lots about people's choices and personal preferences. For this reason, you always have a wide range of products to undergo including China sliding door pulley system as above and its like alternatives: sliding glass door, sliding door panel, barn sliding door and so on. The good news is that sliding door pulley can take care of the entire mechanism of these doors and make sure they function smoothly for longer periods of time. Even if they don't work properly at the moment, you can easily get it fixed, first is to fix the slats properly and then replace the old door pulley system with the new one.


Sliding door pulley is a chain-and-round system that is used to lift up the door vertically and lower it down smoothly. It also controls the amount of friction so that the door doesn't slide at all while sliding it up and down the track. If you want your sliding doors to work properly and without any problem then you need to make sure you clean the pulleys on a regular basis. You can easily clean it by simply running some warm water through it and using a soft brush to remove any dirt. Also, it is important that you lubricate the chain and the pulley on a regular basis because it will help in the overall performance of your door.


There are also some points to be considered before purchasing a new pulley for sliding doors. First of all, ensure that the size of the pulley is compatible with the size of the door that you have installed. This would mean that the door must have the same size as the pulley in order to be able to slide properly. When you go to buy a new pulley, ensure that you take the height of your existing door into consideration as well.


It would also be advisable to install the sliding door pulley on both sides. This would make sure that there is a proper balance. Apart from this, you can also use rubber washers on the sliding door. These rubber washers to ensure that the door does not slip. To add on to this, try and install the door pulley chains on both sides of the door so that they are balanced. There are many more things that you can do to maintain the balance of your sliding door and the only way to know about them is to read up on the subject.


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