Heavy Pulley BW-179

  • Product name: heavy pulley
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product load-bearing: 150 kg
  • Pulley characteristics: The adjustable range is 5 mm.

PRODUCT Description


High and low temperature range - 30 to 170 C

Repeated start-up and shut-down life test 150,000 times.

(Standard 100,000 times) Load 100 kg static load up to 120 kg of high-quality aluminum, shell support using high-quality stainless steel, pulley overall anti-corrosion performance (NSS 240 hours above 9 grades, usable 8-10 years) using motor bearings, high load-bearing, smooth sliding, smooth hand feel, silence less than 25 decibels (material hardness as high as HRC 66 degrees) imported modified nylon, pulley coating using imported modification Nylon material with high strength, strong wear resistance, high impact resistance, self-lubricating effect and excellent aging resistance.

BOGO  hardware is stainless steel track pulley manufacturers. As an important part of the whole sliding door function, many sliding doors have no problems when they are just used, but with the use time becoming longer and longer, there are many kinds of pulleys on the market, but there are not many pulleys with strong load-bearing performance, smooth and durable, silent.BOGO hardware is a sliding door track pulley supplier. It has 87600 hours of serious thinking. It has 1200 popular door and window locks. It has only cultivated in door and window lock accessories for 20 years, accumulating to supply locks for 2000 door and window enterprises. Based on the thinking, it is making breakthroughs in To surpass oneself in perfection and to refine production is the persistent pursuit of ingenious products. Every detail is processed with high precision by CNC, based on innovation and overturned See for new discoveries. Craftsman, that is, craftsman, is also dexterous, ingenious, that is, mind, and craftsmanship, refers to the mind of a skilled craftsman. There are three ways to cultivate the spirit of ingenuity, that is, based on the ideal, adhering to and focusing on it for a long time, but not changing the original intention, striving for perfection in the true and the good, that is, based on the thought, surpassing oneself in breakthrough and perfection, based on innovation, and seeking new discoveries in subversion of prejudices. For 20 years,BOGO has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of door and window hardware, German technology and ingenuity. In the era of hundred enterprises competing for high quality, why canBOGO keep ahead in the industry? Its persistence in quality, grasp of the development of door and window hardware and beautiful products are the recognition of BOGO for 20 years. Flawless product design and leaping product lines outline one after another Classic products.


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