As a well-known door and window hardware manufacturer, an aluminum sliding window lock manufacturer and an aluminum alloy machine supplier in China, BOGO hardware products are sold to all over the world, including: sliding door handle, aluminum frame window handles. Being one of the renowned stainless steel track pulley manufacturers and stainless steel track pully manufacturers, BOGO has multiple product lines, which enables customers to choose more, and over the years, the product has accumulated a lot of reputation in the industry with its quality. The product's ultra long life test: sliding door handle can still be used normally after opening and closing 300000 times, anodized surface treatment, fine texture, even color, full monitoring of oxidation process and quality, comfortable hand feel, small opening and closing force, smooth operation, BOGO hardware products All passed: 960 hours 8-level standard of salt spray test, 300 hours of anti UV aging test and no fading. Three elements of fashion, simplicity and technology were integrated into BOGO's products. The fashion touch collided with the passion of intelligent technology, which sparked dazzling light, and derived the BOGO hardware intelligent lock series. As a world-famous stainless steel track pully manufacturer, an aluminium sliding window lock manufacturer and an aluminium alloy hinge supplier, it has high static load Up to 120kg, with strong load-bearing performance, smooth and durable, the ultimate temperature is high - 30-170 ℃, the salt spray test is 960 hours and 8 levels, and the life test is 100000 times. In the era of competition among 100 enterprises, which is why can BOGO keep in the forefront of the industry. Regardless of the inherent success, jump design gives each product a star feeling. The persistence of quality, the grasp of the development of door and window hardware. Picturesque products are the recognition of the times that BOGO has been forging ahead for 20 years. Waiting for the future, looking forward to the future, looking forward to the heart constantly increasing. Because it is still a dream for us at this moment; it is a dream we have not yet guessed. We have only to look forward, only to wait for it to come.



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