Sliding Window Lock BQ122A

  • Sliding Window Lock BQ122A
  • Colour: silver oxide, gold oxide, black oxide, copper oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Installation door thickness: 28-40 (mm)
  • Firm and comfortable, in line with ergonomic design principles: clear lines and diamonds, smooth surface feel

PRODUCT Description


Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

The raw materials are made of high quality 6063 Aluminium Alloy profiles, integrated extrusion, high precision CNC processing and high safety performance.


Surface anodic oxidation treatment; film grade up to AA15; corrosion resistance, long-term use luster as new


What is minimalism? Of course, it's simple again, light push-pull, extremely narrow charm. Bq122a - sliding window lock, simple arc outlines extremely narrow fashion, anti prying function, safe and stable, simple arc outlines extremely narrow fashion, CNC technology, high precision, high quality, wide application range, fan material width range of 16-20mm, anodizing, fine and durable surface texture, light push-pull feeling ·Lock has charm, the ultimate craft and craftsmanship quality. In the fast-paced life, don't forget the pursuit of high quality, four-color selection and perfect match, easy to control various styles.BOGO hardware, as an aluminum sliding window lock manufacturer, has been called "network hardware brand" by people in the industry due to its high attention brought by its own brand. Obviously, it can rely on its appearance, but only on its strength.BOGO hardware, as a sliding window lock manufacturers in China, integrates the three elements of extreme, fashion, simplicity and science and technology, and comprehensively reviews the new development direction of door and window hardware in the future.BOGO hardware has world-class aluminum alloy surface treatment technology: anodizing, aluminum alloy lock after electrolytic treatment, forming an oxide layer on the surface of the lock. The metal surface texture is fine and durable Wear, scratch resistant. With 20 years of development, we have rich experience in hardware lock design, R & D and production, pursuing the ultimate quality, full numerical control machinery manufacturing, high accuracy, high precision, carving sliding window lock, and each part of the whole, we have created one product after another with artistic light. Delicate oxide layer, outstanding lock feel, perfect in line with modern ergonomics, every time you use it, you can stir your heart's yearning for beauty.


These aluminium sliding windows locks are placed in the track of a sliding window to prevent it from opening. This type of lock can use a lever or a knurled screw. If the sliding window lock uses a lever, you turn the lever to lock and unlock the window. If it uses a thumbscrew, you need to twist a wing nut to secure the lock and prevent the window from opening. Some sliding window locks even use keys.


Ventilation locks

A ventilation lock is installed above the leaf on the window frame. It has a movable pin which, when placed over the window, prevents it from opening fully. If the pin is pushed to the side, the window can open fully.


Hinged locks

A hinged lock prevents a double hung window from opening. If installed directly above the sash, it can prevent a closed window from opening until you push the latch inward to allow the window to open fully. If it is placed higher on the window frame, the window can be opened partially but without the possibility of opening it further unless the lock is pushed inward.



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