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Types of Sliding Door Handles

Sliding doors generally use handles rather than handles or levers. The sliding door look handle helps you hold it firmly, so you can easily slide the door open along its track. At Premium Hardware, we offer round, square and other sliding door handles with surface finishes ranging from shiny polished brass to rich Tuscan bronze. Here are some of the different types of sliding door handles that you can find:


  • Surface Mount Handles: Surface mount handles are typically installed on the surface of the door. The handle may have an integrated clip or hook that can be locked to the door frame.
  • Mortise Lock Handle Set: For mortise type set, the lock and handle of aluminum door lock sets are separate. The mortise lock is installed in the door panel and operated by the thumb lock located on the back panel of the handle.
  • Integrated Locks: Integrated locks combine the handle and lock into one unit and are flush with the door. These types of handles are commonly found in sliding aluminum doors. 


Types of sliding doors

You need to consider the type of sliding door, you need to choose a handle that can play its role. Here are typical examples of sliding doors used in homes:


  • Pocket door: The pocket door runs along the track and enters the wall compartment. They are generally used where there is not enough space for the swing doors. Pocket doors usually have built-in inserts instead of handles.
  • Sliding Glass Door: The shape of the sliding glass door is usually rectangular, which is common in yard doors. Sliding glass doors require strong handles to resist wear and to help users open them easily.
  • Bypass Door: The bypass door slides open, typically used as a closet door. Like pocket doors, bypass doors generally use flat or recessed inserts.
  • French Doors: While French doors can usually be opened, modern variants can slide out to save space. Just like regular patio doors, you should choose a matching handle that is suitable for sliding.


Factors to Consider When Buying Sliding Door Handles

Sliding door handles require special attention. As one of aluminum door handle manufacturters in today markets, Bogo suggest you keep things below in mind. First, think about the location of your sliding doors. If you're like many homeowners, the sliding doors lead out to the backyard or patio. This means that it can be used frequently in the summer, as guests can frequently enter and leave your house and you need a sturdy, easy-to-use handle. There are many factors to consider when choosing a sliding patio door handle, such as:


The exterior and interior styling of the home : Since sliding doors usually lead to the back yard, it is helpful to consider the exterior and interior styling of your home when choosing a new handle. For example, if your home is modern both inside and out, consider choosing a sleek brushed metal pull to match your overall appearance.


Security Requirements : If your sliding door opens to the outside of your home, you want it to be as secure as the front door. Therefore, it is very important to choose a handle that can be securely locked. You can install a European style cylinder lock or a mortise lock to help protect your home from intruders. Designed to choose a locking system that matches the surface of your handle.


Function : How many times have you tried to open the stubborn patio door, holding a plate of burgers in one hand and a bowl of salad in the other? Consider handles that are easy to grab or push to make those special occasions or any other occasion more enjoyable.


Child Safety Requirements : If you have children in your home, please consider how safe you want the sliding door to be, especially if it faces the back yard. While you can install some equipment to protect the safety of children from sliding doors, such as a plastic lock that fits the door frame, you may want to consider purchasing a handle with a reliable lock that your little fingers cannot. not reach.

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