Think Twice When Buying A Sliding Door Handle

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What To Consider When Buying An Interior Sliding Door Handle ?

When buying an interior sliding door handle, you usually want to focus on functionality, style, and the degree of privacy you need. Here are all of the first factors you need to consider when looking for new interior door hardware:


Measurement and Installation : Be sure to take the correct measurements before purchasing a new doorknob. Measure on the back, the thickness of the door and the hole where the latch is. If you buy a virtual button, you don't have to worry about the measurement. The virtual button is mounted to the door surface with screws and does not use a latch or locking mechanism. Remember to consider the ease of installation and whether this is a DIY project you can handle or a project that requires professional help.


Privacy : ask yourself how much privacy you need to feel comfortable in the room. For example, is it okay to install door handle with lock on the bedroom door that can be easily unlocked from the outside, or do you want something more secure? Or, you may prefer a door handle that can be easily opened with coins in an emergency. Think about everyone who uses the room will have a new .


Function: Consider choosing a door handle or lever to make your life easier. For example, if your bathroom or kitchen needs a new doorknob, you may need to choose an easy-to-clean or anti-bacterial finish. Some materials, such as brass and copper, can be self-sterilized. This is called the microdynamic effect, which basically means that the brass and copper will slowly kill bacteria and viruses. In addition, you can choose materials that are easy to use for children or people with arthritis, such as levers.


Styles and Shapes: There are many different shapes of door handles, such as round, octagonal, ovoid, and spherical. The lever can be thin and flat, or it can be slightly curved. Consider the shape around the door to help you create a balanced look and make the room more interesting. Also consider the style of the room and the look you want to create. Typically, the sleek handle complements the modern look, while the curved lever can suit traditional styles very well. Simple round door handles are suitable for almost any type of room.


Finishes :  Consider how the sliding door lock and  handle finishes will work with other elements and metals used in the room. While not all of the door handles in your home have to match exactly, you should at least make sure that all the door handles in the room are the same color and finish. When choosing a finish, you should also consider your style. For example, dark bronze hardware accentuates the industrial style, while polished brass creates a retro feel. In the end, the goal is to choose a color that stands out from the door.

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