The Best Way to Repair Your Sliding Door Handle

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  • Date:2021/07/12

The sliding door handle is a component that needs to be maintained and repaired on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that the door is frequently opened and closed and in the event of a malfunction; the lock will be damaged or broken. This will then allow an individual to gain access to the exterior without having to work on the internal deadbolt. A malfunctioning door handle is a very common problem and can easily be identified by looking at the end of the door which will normally be made of wood with a brass lock installed.

It is very important that all sliding door handles be carefully inspected for wear and tear. This may need to be done on a monthly basis or however often the damage is only noticed when it is actually present. 

Once the sliding door handle frame is all clear, the repair can begin on the part of the door that actually requires replacement. For those doors that only need minor repair such as replacing a lock the homeowner may need to know the brand and model number of the lock that needs to be replaced. If the damage to the frame is too severe, the homeowner may need to have the frame replaced entirely.

Many people tend to overlook the possibility that the lock may have been damaged by someone who was trying to force it open using the door handles. In the event this has been the case, the damaged lock should be replaced immediately. If the lock was still in good condition, we suggest the homeowner should replace the damaged one. Some homeowners choose to repair the lock by replacing the entire lock, but in order to do so, additional replacement sliding door handles may need to be purchased.

The same holds true for any damaged sliding door handles. This is because the handle set can be extremely expensive. These are not always available at the local hardware store or from online retailers who carry a wide selection of home improvement accessories. Instead, a more economical solution to this problem exists. Replacing the handle set is an excellent way to save money and still make certain that the door lock functions properly.

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