Will Smart locks become the trends of Modern Door Lock Set

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Will Smart locks become the trends of Modern Door Lock Set?


Introduction to Modern door lock Set



The history of the lock

Locks, as an important anti-theft device, have developed from ancient society to modern society. They have experienced "heavy stone sealing", rope locks, wooden locks (door latches), metal locks (reed locks), marble mechanical locks, electronic and smart locks. development process.

After the 1930s, the invention of the pinball mechanical lock brought mankind into the modern lock era. Through the changes of direction and face, the number of locks increased to one million, which greatly improved the safety performance of locks. The most commonly used lock in the world.

In recent years, with the development of technology and the demand for safety, especially convenience and intelligence, electronic locks and smart locks have appeared one after another. It has become a trend to kill the keys. Door locks have entered the era of intelligence, which also makes people thoroughly Get rid of the shackles of mechanical keys.

Types of locks & formation

At present, the door locks available on the market mainly include mechanical locks, electronic locks and smart locks. No matter which type, they are mainly composed of three parts, namely the lock body, the lock core and the "key" (opening device) .


Smart door lock Set

Smart locks, according to the latest industry authoritative report "2017-2020 China Smart Door Lock Technology and Analysis Report", are defined as the functional upgrade of electronic door locks in interaction and networking, with information collection and human-computer interaction with the outside world. , And realize multi-dimensional digital processing and processing internally. The measurement standard must have either biometric authentication or networked cloud management performance before it can be called a smart door lock. At present, the main biometric technologies include fingerprints, faces, iris and finger veins, among which fingerprint recognition is the most popular. Mature, the most common. At the same time, some smart locks also have cloud management functions such as mobile app management of door opening information.

Therefore, in terms of safety and convenience, smart locks>electronic locks>mechanical locks. As people's awareness of locks increases, smart locks will become the trends of Modern Door Lock Set .

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