How to install Glass Door Lock Set on glass door

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How to install Glass Door Lock Set on glass door?

When installing the glass door, if there is a safety requirement, you can install a lock on the glass door, or install an automatic sensor glass door. Both have their own advantages. For example, the former is like the glass door of an office meeting room. It may be a little waste to install an automatic sensor glass door, so you can install a glass door lock set; and the latter is mainly used for the door, like the door of a bank is an automatic sensor glass door.

The glass door lock set material is usually made of high-strength structural steel or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel, which overcomes the shortcomings of iron and zinc alloys that are easy to rust, aging, and insufficient rigidity. The surface treatment is mostly brushed or mirrored, which is elegant and fashionable.

Glass door lock products are available in different specifications: single door (single lock, double lock, single lock + manual, bolt); the surface color of hollow glass door lock: mirror, sanding, gold-plated, etc. to choose from, or customized colors according to requirements, The structure is beautiful and generous, and the anti-theft is strong, which fully reflects the perfect effect of fashion and practicality.

Fixed installation

1. Use the U-shaped bracket to install the magnetic lock on the frameless glass door

A glass door without a frame needs accessories to assist in the installation. The installation method is basically the same as the surface installation method of ordinary doors, except that the third step is different when installing the iron plate. The U-shaped groove is combined with rubber cushions and stainless steel. The gasket (placed on the side of the locking screw) is sleeved on the glass door, and the glass door is locked with a headless hexagon screw, and then the iron plate is fixed to the U-shaped groove. For different glass door thicknesses and different models Electromagnetic lock.

2. Fixed

Use AB frame to install, first fix the AB frame on the glass door with special glass glue (or double-sided tape), and then fix the relay plate on the bracket.

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