Which Sliding Door Lock to Settle on to Feel Secure at Home?

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  • Date:2021/04/09

Though they are doing not get the maximum amount of attention because of the front entrance of your house, sliding doors are a secure gateway to your home. Most owners use sliding doors more often than the front doors.


Types of sliding door locks


Here are a number of the choices available if you're looking to exchange your insecure sliding glass door lock.


Two-Bolt door Locks


Two-bolt door locks are often available in most online markets and reputable hardware stores everywhere in the country. they're commercial-grade locks hence are reliable as upgrades to the safety of your home.

They are easy to put in at any height on your door, which suggests they will be wont to supplement your already installed locks rather than totally replacing them.

The principle of the two-bolt door locks system is to secure the door by sliding the door frame with reinforced steel bolts when the latch is snapped into the locked position. A two-bolt door lock is a superb way of adding A level of security to your home.


Sliding Glass Doors Smart Locks


As technology continues to innovate, other areas of the economy and family security are also constantly improving. The new smart lock technology has already found a range in a couple of door locks manufacturers. Though only a couple of smart sliding door locks are currently available within the market, they're quickly gaining popularity.

Padlock, as an example, is one of the keyless lock options available for patrons in online stores. The lock is often activated from inside the house also outside the house.

As these locks boast tamper-resistant features, they're now offering users options to spice up their security that was formerly considered impossible. as an example, the locks can notify you if anyone attempts to unlock them without your knowledge.

Additionally, homeowners claim the locks enable them to stay their doors locked more often, given the very fact that they're very easy to unlock. Their simple use is additionally a plus in emergency situations like fires which may require people to exit the building during a hurry. Traditional locks that need to be keyed may pose a big risk in these scenarios.

You have most likely heard of or even used smart garage locks or smart electronic locks. Like these locks, smart door locks are intuitive, secure, and convenient for users. because of the locks, you and your family can now enter a security code through their gadgets to access your home.

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