Tips on the Way to Make Sliding Door Locks Safer

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  • Date:2021/04/16

Keeping your family safe means every entry point in your home must be secured. From windows to front and back doors, you ought to make sure that any potential point of entry has the right mechanisms to discourage potential criminals.


Siding door locks are often a touch difficult to secure, seeing as they can't be steel-coated like front doors and windows. While front doors and windows also can be secured using deadbolts, sliding doors might require more efficient means to secure them from unauthorized access.


Here are a couple of measures you'll put in situ to form your sliding door lock safer.


1. Testing the prevailing lock

Most sliding doors have their lock within the handle. the tiny latch lock helps your door stay fixed to the frame. confirm the lock is functional before considering any additional security measures in your home. By locking and unlocking your door lock, you'll easily detect faults in your lock.


If the door moves whenever you are trying to unlock your glass door, then your latch isn't appropriately fixed to the frame. this might necessitate the repair or replacement of your door lock. Consider giving the work to a knowledgeable locksmith or door installer to form sure the frame of your glass door is secure enough to stay your family safe.


2. Maintain door rollers and tracks

Most problems arising from sliding door locks usually begin when your sliding doors irregularly start moving back and forth on plastic rollers. When your rollers cannot allow the graceful opening and shutting of your sliding doors, you're bent to having lock issues. Clean any dirt or debris that has clogged your roller system. That way, it's easier to open or close your sliding doors without damaging the locks.


However, if cleaning the door rollers doesn't resolve your door lock issues, you'll try adjusting the dimensions of your rollers to suit your door. Some doors have smaller adjustment holes along the highest and bottom edges that allow you to expand or contract the dimensions of your rollers.


3. Install a home alarm

If you've got already installed a home alarm, confirm it's connected to your glass door. you'll quickly achieve this by ensuring the alarm technicians set an alarm that notifies you each time your door lock detects any unwarranted individuals that try to realize access to your home.


You can also install glass break sensors on your glass slide doors or a wall next to your slide doors just in case burglars or thugs plan to break the glass of your slide door rather than picking the lock. Alarm systems have also been advanced to incorporate security concerns in your lock system. this suggests whenever someone tries to open your lock for your sliding, and you get notifications on your devices immediately.


4. Install a billboard locking product

If your online or local hardware retailer is selling a billboard lock at affordable prices, you would possibly want to think about installing the system on your door security system. The sliding door locks offer one or two-bolt locking technologies that are attached to the locking system on your door and drop steel bolts into place to secure your home better.


Most commercial locking products are often installed at different heights on your door to assist improve their security. Most manufacturers also offer battery-powered alarms which will notify you any time someone wants to access your house through your door.

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