Tips For Sliding Door Lock Parts In Maintenance

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  • Date:2021/10/08

We know that you have questions about how to install this simple device on your doors. Our techs install dozens every week, but we understand that you need more details about the installation.


How to do the screws that are fixed at one end of the sliding door lock fall off ?   

A refit of the retaining screw is required. Installation steps :

1. Take a border and lower seal and secure it with a fixed screw.

2. Place the fixed border on the ground, and arrange the moving door panels over the border.

3. Take another border and clip it into the arranged door plate and screw the lower seal and border.

4. Stuck in and sealed, screwed, and secured on slip.

5. After the upper and lower screws are fixed, use the traction screws to secure the slide in the lower seal, complete the installation.

6. Note: When the installation slides, the shrapnel is inwards.


Sliding door lock parts of lock head broken how to change ?

Sliding door lock head broken change like that, see if there is a dark grid, open can see the bolt, in the room to push the lock up or down.


Sliding door lock parts of side on an adjustable fixed small screw how to tighten up and then unload can not be unloaded ?

1. Too long, due to scrubbing and other problems, resulting in the rust of the screws died.

Solution: Buy the loose oil, spray the screw, loosen it and screw it.


2.  It may be that the screw was screwed when it caused the stuck.

Solution: This situation should be appropriate with a hammer and other items to tap, let the screw reset.


3.  Screw screw when the force is not right, resulting in the screw buckle misplaced.

Solution: This is cumbersome and requires thorough removal, or violent removal of screws.


4.  Screw quality problem

Solution: Over time, some water vapor corrosion, coupled with the screw itself quality is not off, this to corrode the screw, and then remove.

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