Is the zinc alloy door locked or the aluminum alloy door locked? certainly

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  • Date:2021/09/28

Is the zinc alloy door locked or the aluminum alloy door locked? certainly...

The lock is the first line of defense in the home and the heart of the door. Only a good lock can guarantee the safety and function of the home. There are many kinds of door lock materials, zinc alloy door lock and aluminum alloy door lock are two of them. Zinc alloy locks are easy to shape, with diverse and complex patterns; aluminum alloy lock sets are light in weight and simple to operate. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two material door locks.


Zinc alloy door lock set


1. The production of zinc alloy locks adopts die-casting molding, one-time molding, and the production speed is fast.

2. The quality of zinc alloy lock is better than iron lock. Zinc alloy has good hardness. It is easy to die-cast into different types of hardware locks without deformation. It is also easy to find quality problems and improve them in time. Iron locks do not have this function.



3. After the zinc alloy is formed by die-casting, the excess raw materials can be recycled.

4. The electroplating effect of the zinc alloy lock is better than that of the iron lock, and the surface treatment is the same. Zinc alloy electroplating produces less blistering and pitting than iron sheet, and the surface is relatively flat and smooth.

5. After zinc alloy electroplating and sealing oil, it is not easy to rust and long spots.



The cost is higher than that of iron sheet, and die-casting wastes more resources than iron sheet.


So how do we choose the right zinc alloy door lock?


1. What material to choose for the door lock. The quality level of door locks made of zinc alloy materials is second only to door locks made of pure copper materials in all aspects. It has both quality and level, and of course it is more decent. The design style of the zinc alloy door lock combines the essence of ancient and modern culture, elegant and noble, and feel comfortable.


2. Select the price range. Door locks made of zinc alloy materials are affordable in terms of quotation, but different consumers should choose the corresponding door locks according to their own circumstances.


3. Choose a good quality door lock. Buying locks is not buying other products. This does not mean that cheap prices are good. The quality of the door lock is worthy of our consideration. Zinc alloy door locks are made of high-quality zinc alloy materials and are formed by high-strength die-casting. All parts have high density, which is more than 15% higher than that of ordinary die-casting products. No loose pinholes, durable.



Aluminum alloy door lock set:


1. The aluminum alloy door lock set is light in weight, high in strength, uncoated, not easy to rust, aging resistance, and long life.

2. Durable, environmentally friendly, high safety factor, diverse opening methods, and not easy to deform.

3. Easy to process, simple to operate, moderate price, and light to transport.

4. It is currently one of the best cost-effective door and window choices.

5. If the surface is to be coated, it is also easy to anodize. It is resistant to various environments, not afraid of humidity, and can be used in harsh environments.


Soft and light, low material strength


There are many styles of locks. When choosing the right door lock material, you must also pay attention to keeping it consistent with the style of the interior door. As a line of defense for home security, we should give priority to high-quality door locks. What type of door lock do you use in your home?

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