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  • Date:2020/04/29

Every industry in the development process must go through the original processing to independent research and development, from imitating OEM to owning product patents. In this miniature, baogao hardware also follows and develops steadily. In the 20 years of brand development, baogao hardware has always taken product quality and product design as the core of brand development, convinced that creating a perfect sliding window lock is the best way to impress customers. With the change of the times, simple door and window hardware has evolved from single product function to systematic door and window hardware. Baogao people use full of blood to sprinkle in the cold hardware locks, so that baogao hardware has its own soul, which is deeply branded on every product of baogao. Enterprise transformation has never been easy, but as a sliding window lock supplier, gaobao hardware resolutely adheres to the evolution of [door and window hardware, baogao intelligent manufacturing] products, which gives a new definition of smart home life through doors and windows. People can easily feel the charm of self-made products. Baogao hardware has hundreds of independent product R & D patents, which are the ability of independent R & D and patent pad to create the influence of baogao hardware in the door and window industry. Without a solid foundation, a hundred foot high building cannot be a magnificent sight to the world. Baogao has independently researched and developed the opening and closing light system, which has covered many products of baogao. With the popularization of intelligent door and window hardware, the convenience and comfort of home life have been greatly improved. It can capture the details of every life scene, carefully analyze and optimize the product functions, and let baogao integrate into the door window hardware. With its own positioning, product development and production capacity, baogao Zhizao, door and window hardware, has created a batch of sliding window locks that are praised by the industry. Let the public imitate and follow, but it is difficult to surpass. After all, in addition to its outstanding product R & D capabilities, the sliding window lock factory has advanced and well-equipped product laboratories, leading production processes, multiple processes and checks at all levels. It's not just boasting and shouting slogans that can lead the industry trend, but a craftsman willing to work silently for many years -- door and window hardware, baogao Zhizao

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