BOGO sliding door lock an indispensable part of doors and windows

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  • Date:2020/04/29

When doors and windows are opened and closed, sliding door handle becomes a bridge between people and windows; opening and closing, not only for simple function, but also for customers a comfortable customized application experience of door and window accessories, is the important task of the handle! Sliding door handle lock set comes from the sociology of design scheme in Spain. Every key point has been carefully considered. Every touch has been constantly considered. This is the ultimate integration of versatility, comfort and artistic beauty!

BOGO door and window accessories customize sliding door handle, select high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, whose materials are as solid as rock, giving customers the most authentic sense of belonging; high quality metal surface treatment, anti decolorization, anti dirt, metal texture, silky and symmetrical, layer feeling affinity and thick, giving customers the most satisfactory comfort!

In BOGO testing agency, the customized sliding door handle of BOGO door and window accessories has to go through rigorous tests. Its durability, anti distortion, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, etc. all exceed the national industry standards, showing a longer-term waiting for customers' happy life.


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