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  • Date:2020/09/29

What is minimalism? Of course, it's simple again! Baogao bq122a -- sliding door handle in China aluminum door and window accessories custom sliding window lock, Simple arc outlines extremely narrow fashion, anti prying function, safe and stable, simple arc outlines extremely narrow fashion, CNC technology, high precision, high quality, wide range of application, fan material width range of 16-20 mm, anodized, surface texture is exquisite, durable, light push-pull feeling, lock has charm, extreme process and ingenuity quality.

 In the fast-paced life, do not forget the pursuit of high-quality, four-color selection perfect collocation, easy to control a variety of styles. As a leading brand of aluminum alloy push-pull window lock, baogao aluminum door and window accessories customized push-pull has been called "network hardware brand" by people in the industry because of the high attention brought by its own brand. It is obvious that it can rely on appearance, but on strength. As manufacturer in China, baogao hardware integrates the three elements of extreme, fashion, simplicity and science and technology to comprehensively review the new development direction of door and window hardware. Baogao hardware has the world-class aluminum alloy surface treatment technology: anodizing, aluminum alloy lock after electrolytic treatment, forming an oxide layer on the lock surface. The metal surface texture is delicate, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion Scrape sliding door handle.

 With 20 years of development, sliding door handle lock set we have rich experience in design, R & D and production of customized push-pull locks for aluminum doors and windows. We pursue the ultimate quality. We are fully CNC mechanical manufacturing, with high accuracy and precision. We have carved push-pull window locks. In every part of the whole, we have created one product after another with the brilliance of artworks. Exquisite oxide layer, outstanding lock handle, perfect in line with modern ergonomics, every use can stimulate the heart of the yearning for beauty.

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