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  • Date:2020/08/14

The 22nd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was held in Guangzhou for 4 days. The new brand of hardware will shine with a new height!Science and technology enable life, innovation drives development. Domestic appearance exhibitors highly praised baogao hardware's "new products, new technologies, new colors and new standards". During the exhibition, baogao hardware elegant light luxury modern exhibition hall has been crowded by the crowd


The highlight is not just the exhibition hall. There are always other factors that can attract so many visitors in the noisy exhibition hall. Let the world's door and window industry know that baogao intelligent manufacturing helps the vigorous development of China's good doors and windows. Since its establishment, baogao hardware has always been a promoter of the door and window hardware industry. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the brand's own products, baogao also pays attention to product research and development. It is believed that excellent product design can further improve people's yearning for high-quality life.

New products, Yaoshi, sliding door handle in China boost the development of door and window hardware to a new height. In this exhibition, baogao hardware's brilliant products, intelligent flat door locks and minimalist lifting locks of baogao hardware are shining brilliantly, which makes the visiting customers willing to spare no effort.

sliding door handle lock set In the era of beauty is justice, super high appearance is an essential factor for the design of locks produced by baogao Hardware Co., Ltd., and a number of patents are the important reasons for it to lead the market in the future.Simple product lines, easy promotion can achieve lock and unlock, in the exhibition hall is always surrounded by three floors inside and outside

Intelligent design, with baogao intelligent app remote control and quick fingerprint unlocking and other functions, simple and fashionable appearance design, simple and fast door opening, focus on safety and quality, baogao intelligent linkage, let the visiting customers praise it again and again.

Good products can always promote the development of the market, make life simple and not cumbersome, and help China's good doors and windows flourish. As the head brand of door and window hardware, it must be obligatory to do so.

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