What are the types of Modern front door lock set

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  • Date:2021/07/12

>>>>What are the types of Modern front door lock set?

1. Swing handle electronic lock

The swing handle electronic lock has a high-efficiency gear motor, and the microprocessor is the center to reduce power consumption.

It can be used alone to be connected to the existing building system, used as the access control of the building entrance, or connected to the network access control system to track the review report, which is conducive to passing the supervision conditions.


2. Turn tongue door lock

The characteristic of the tongue-type door lock is that it can be driven by only turning 1/4, which makes the owner unlock more quickly and conveniently. At the same time, the tongue-type door lock provides different locking types, including three types of manual, tool and key drive. In addition, a fixed installation is provided on the curved lock tongue, which simplifies vibration and deflection.


3. Rotary door lock

The rotary door lock uses durable materials and anti-corrosion coatings. At the same time, the structure of the rotary door lock is particularly sturdy and can be used in harsh environments. There are also a variety of drives to choose from.


4. Lever door lock

The lever door lock has many good advantages, such as easy to install and easy to use, etc. At the same time, the lever door lock uses an exposed installation to make it more beautiful.




>>>>How to choose a Modern front door lock set?

1. Choose a famous brand with quality assurance, because brand manufacturers will provide after-sales service, free maintenance and warranty during the warranty period.


2. Center distance: You need to choose the door lock according to the structure of the door. The bolt can be divided into 60mm and 70mm. If the width of the door bone is above 100mm, use the 70mm bolt, and choose the 60mm lock if the width is below 100mm and above 90mm. tongue.


3. Pay attention to buying a Modern front door lock set that opens in the same direction as the door at home, because the handle lock is divided into left and right handles


4. When choosing a handle lock, we must strive to have the same shape of the handle of each functional door lock to make the room more compatible.


5. Hinge: You should pay attention to the use of full-strength hinges to prevent the door from falling in the future, which will affect the opening of the lock and the opening and closing of the door.

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