Swing Door Lock BL-F0441

  • Product Name: Simple Split Lock
  • Colour: Black oxide, silver oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Installation door thickness: 40 (mm) 45 (mm)
  • Scope of application: aluminium profile and ecological flat door

PRODUCT Description


With small angle opening, silent all-aluminium lock core design, full metal feel, durable; fashionable appearance, in line with the public aesthetic; using anodic oxidation surface treatment, fine texture, uniform color; comfortable hand, small opening and closing force, smooth operation; salt fog test 960 hours 8 class standard; anti-UV aging test 300 hours, color difference grade 1 class; life test 150,000 times; After that, it can be used normally and has no function failure.

Urban people, fast-paced life, car loans, housing loans, work pressure, pressure, pressure, so that you can have a delicious life, locked in your own heart, by the chain tightly want to hit also can not open. In fact, it's better to try to slow down and feel your own life, understand the simple and comfortable home style, and simply live your wonderful life when you go to complexity. The simple arc depicts the swing door lock set with a strong sense of fashion design. The lock body surface is anodized, and the lock body surface is always new. It is like a life full of vicissitudes, and the heart still keeps its youth and enthusiasm. Swing door lock system - bl-f0441 is opened at a small angle and rotated 10 degrees between fingers, which can unlock all unhappiness and yearn for a quiet and comfortable life. The silent lock body can meet your requirements for peace every time you open and close it. It's not easy for anyone to live in the new era. In the busy rhythm, it's prudent to spend every day afraid of making mistakes, and convenient and efficient become the most perfect way to solve problems. The exquisite design of swing door lock bl-f0441 further simplifies the installation of locks, saving not only time but also a lot of worry to relax life. The relaxed and comfortable life style also needs to stand the test of time, 960 hours of salt spray test, 8-level standard, 300 hours of UV aging test, and 150000 times of life test before normal use. A fashionable, comfortable and durable split lock. It has the feature that you yearn for a better life. It can be opened in silence and enjoy. When touching, it can unlock all unhappiness correctly.


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