Deluxe Handler BLP-9331

  • Product Name: Deluxe Handler
  • Colour: silver oxide, gold oxide, copper oxide, black oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Scope of application: aluminium alloy window

PRODUCT Description


The surface is treated by anodic oxidation; the film level reaches AA15 level; it is not easy to scratch and endure; it is corrosion-resistant and durable; it has long-term gloss, fine grinding process, corrosion resistance and good brightness; sand blasting process, even sand quality; multiple polishing treatment, smooth surface, made of high-quality aluminium alloy material, stamped into a panel as a whole: to ensure long-term holding, delicate handle, smooth switch. Ergonomic design, comfortable handle with heavy weight; antistatic, not easy to absorb dust, easy to clean

Today, in addition to the functionality of the product, we pay more attention to the feeling of the product when it is used. BOGO hardware, as the aluminum window handles manufacturers, has summed up a lot of past experience in the R & D and production of the aluminum window handle for a long time. In the process of research and development, we constantly improve our own requirements and strive for perfection. Blp-9331 is a hardware lock with superior product characteristics. In addition to the five performance requirements of window, aluminum sliding window handle supplier in China has to pay attention to the quality of its handle. The last step is to focus on whether the window can be closed tightly. A good open window handle can not only close the window tightly, but also make users enjoy one of the highlights on the window. Comfortable handle and beautiful appearance are the highlights that users are willing to use. The whole lock is made by CNC and finished by polishing, sandblasting and other processes. Salt spray test is 960 hours and grade 8 standard, UV aging resistance test is 300 hours and does not fade, it is still in normal use after 200000 times of opening and closing, and the whole lock is free of charge for life.


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