How To Reinforce The Sliding Glass Door ?

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  • Date:2021/12/03

Although the sliding glass door can create a magnificent and practical design statement, they can also bring unique security risks. The weakness of the cursor is different from the weaknesses of traditional wooden doors or steel doors. Many owners realize the risk connected to the sliding door and may not be willing to install them on their property. However, you can take relatively simple steps to make sure your cursor device is safe. Hardware can be added to the sliding door to make it more difficult to force open.


Sliding Door Frame Safety Hardware-Jimmy Boards can be found at most hardware stores. This is a flat metal plate mounted on a sliding door frame expensive a frame at most hardware stores. thief to force open the door and remove it from its position on the frame.


Security bar - You can buy a sturdy metal bar, fold it into place and prop it up on the door to lock it in place. You can also cut dowels or door lumber on the door track when placing it on the door track when placing it.


Add a second lock - When replacement is impossible or unnecessary, you can always add a second lock to add extra security. Most sliding or unnecessary auxiliary door locks, you can always add extra security. frame or rail. Please check your local building codes before installing additional locks. Some require sliding glass doors to be operated from the inside without a key.


Replace the original lock - Many homeowners ultimately decide to replace the original door lock for better protection. Due to the unique characteristics of sliding doors, it is best to ensure that the installation of the door lock works as intended. It is also a good idea to consult an experienced locksmith

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