Swing Door Lock BL-4045

  • Product Name: Flat Open Door Lock
  • Colour: silver oxide, gold oxide, black oxide, copper oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Installation door thickness: 35-50 (mm)
  • Scope of application: Suitable for aluminium alloy doors and bathroom doors

PRODUCT Description


Anodic oxidation surface treatment, film level up to AA15, rust and corrosion resistance, outstanding technology, uniform color

Long-term gloss, handle built-in soft rubber washer, isolation handle and panel, effectively reduce friction noise, reduce noise, high-quality aluminum alloy material made into a stamping forming panel, after special grinding process, corrosion resistance, good brightness, anti-wear, new escape function, easy to use and fast, self-developed lock core, quiet effect is good, wear resistance is strong, while improving. Safety of Home Life and Escape Function



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