Swing Door Lock BL-9738 Li

  • Product Name: Flat Open Door Lock
  • Colour: silver oxide, gold oxide, black oxide, copper oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Installation door thickness: 35-50 (mm)
  • Scope of application: Suitable for aluminium alloy doors and bathroom doors

PRODUCT Description


Anodic oxidation surface treatment, film level up to AA15, rust and corrosion resistance, outstanding technology, uniform color

For a long time to maintain luster, with acrylic panel, long service life, harmless and harmless, good adaptability, strong anti-aging performance, it can also be used indoors, with a soft rubber washer in hand, isolating handles and panels, effectively reducing friction, reducing noise, adding new escape function, convenient and quick use, self-developed core lock, good mute effect, strong abrasion resistance, and improving. Safety of Home Life and Escape Function

 Every time I touch and feel the touch brought by the future light, the flashing blue light leads the fashion intelligent control home life, swing door lock system, looking for the real value of the door and window hardware in the open and close room, the future can exist in the touch room, may exist and close room, no matter what way to present the pursuit of the future, the unchanged is the pursuit of the ultimate heart of product quality, Looking at the future through hardware, the future of doors and windows is no longer fuzzy. In the future, we only have to look forward to it and wait for it to come, The overall modular design of the lock, CNC technology, high precision and high quality. When the crisis comes, the lock can not clearly show the closed state, and can not let the user instantly know the closed state of the lock, which becomes an important obstacle to escape in time. Smart technology and home safety perfect combination, swing door lock set Supplier. BOGO - 9738li quick escape lock. Touch the bright black light handle, the flashing light of science and technology, the fast escape road will open for you to quickly escape in the crisis, let your safety be calm, flash the light of science and technology, and light up the safety of science and technology home in the 21st century. A little bit of starlight across the Obsidian night sky, the swing door lock system blooms charming light of science and technology, feeling the unique charm from the Li series of BOGO hardware in the closed room



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