Sliding Door Lock BQ332 Li

  • Product Name: Swing Door Lock 242 Li
  • Colour: Gold, silver, copper, black
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Scope of application: Sliding door
  • Suitable for aluminum profile:35-55 (mm)

PRODUCT Description

Opening door and window lock star direction,A little bit of starlight across the Obsidian night sky, blooming charming light of science and technology, feeling the unique charm of Li series from BOGO hardware in the closed room

Looking forward to the world, 20 years of design and production experience, control the development trend of door and window building materials and hardware technology,With the improvement of living standards, smart home life has become the ultimate goal of people to achieve perfect home

Smart home is the perfect interpretation of BOGO hardware on modern home life。Touch to understand the core technology of baogaoxin intelligent door and window hardwareRegardless of inherent success, leap design gives each product a star feeling。

Red and blue light replaces the traditional display mode of opening and closing, and understands the collision between technology design and fashionable household elementsAnodizing, salt spray test for 960 hours, UV aging resistance for 300 hours, color fastness, product life test more than 200000 timesCore light · new future

Blooming door and window locks star direction baogao hardware Li series



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