Sliding Door Handle BLLS-420

  • Product name: sliding door handle
  • Colour: silver oxide, gold oxide
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Scope of application: Suitable for heavy sliding doors and sling doors

PRODUCT Description


Aluminum alloy material, solid cast iron pure manual grinding process, sandblasting process, uniform sand, smooth surface and delicate feel, using CNC high-precision processing surface anodizing treatment; film grade up to AA15; corrosion resistance, long-term use of luster as new, using 304 stainless steel cast steel, firm and easy to install. Adjustable position to solve installation error.

Sliding door handle guarantees the product quality for 20 years, and the product is maintained for life. As the top ten door and window hardware manufacturing products in China, BOGO hardware has always used high-quality sliding door handle lock set to give back customers' trust. Behind the high-quality is a rigorous process, outstanding hardware lock manufacturing process, which makes customers marvel. The modern and fashionable design style and all-around product characteristics make it popular among users. Whether it's wood color matching or spraying color, it's the same perfect match. Outstanding handle is one of the highlights of blls-420 handle. It takes multiple arcs as the keynote of product design, outstanding and versatile. A good sliding door needs a good handle. Sliding door handle in China can be loved by users in different scenarios. BOGO hardware has a 21-year development history. In this 21-year period, BOGO hardware has the courage to explore and constantly seek innovation, so that the brand strength is growing.



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