Hinges WD15

PRODUCT Description


Novelty design, switch using lever principle, open more smoothly and lightly, open and close voice is small

The raw materials are made of high quality 6063 Aluminium Alloy profiles, integrated extrusion, high precision CNC processing and high safety performance.

Surface anodic oxidation treatment; film grade up to AA15; corrosion resistance, long-term use luster as new

Home is like a person, so aluminum alloy door hinge is the bone node of all home operations, and the opening and closing of doors, closets, and overall cabinets are indispensable for the mutual cooperation of metal hinges. If there is a problem with the hinge, it will destroy other positions. Therefore, as a cabinet door contents companies,BOGO door and window hardware thinks that if you understand the selection principles of some hinges, your decoration will be less trouble! People open many times a day for home lighting, especially the bathroom door. They often use the natural environment of adding humidity and cold. The quality of the door hinge is very easy to show its original shape under the time. If the door hinge with poor quality is applied, problems such as door failure, corrosion of hinge hardware, noise and even safety risk will occur. Hardware can be included in the budget of decoration price, which should not be cost-effective. It is the most semi hidden project in the family. If be greedy for a while cost-effective, choose the door hinge that applies deadline is short, burn money again laborious, besides want to buy new hinge, also want to look for carpenter again to install hardware. aluminum alloy door hinge It is processed by pure CNC, with strong three-dimensional appearance and contour; it is suitable for 4516 series extremely narrow side sliding doors, with a width range of 16-20mm for the fans; it is anodized, with fine surface and uniform color, with film thickness of more than 15um, four colors available (conventional color: silver, black); salt spray test 960 hours, Grade 8, life test 150000 times.


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