When to Exchange Your Residential Door Lock

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  • Date:2021/04/19

Your residential door locks are one of the sole barriers between your family, your possessions, and an intruder. Because it so happens, your residential door locks also are one among the foremost vulnerable and easiest ways for an intruder to enter your home. The cornerstone of excellent home security is to possess layered protection, and your doors are literally only one of these layers.


Statistics Behind Unlawful Entry

Approximately 6-7% of unlawful entry is committed by someone who features a key to your home. In addition, 36% of illegal intrusions are caused by your door is opened or unlocked by an intruder at will. Taking the time to vary and replace your home's locks is imperative to the safety of your home. If you've got experienced one among these following scenarios, it's time to exchange your residential door locks.


A relationship change can leave your home vulnerable.

Did you undergo a divorce? Did your spouse move out? Maybe you separated from your friends or your former roommate moved out? regardless of the circumstances are, your house is now susceptible to anyone who previously had a key to your residential door. Cover all of your bases and confirm you modify the locks immediately following a change in the relationship and therefore the permanent exit of that person from your home.


Many of the burglaries that do happen in residential areas happen thanks to someone having the ability to control, pick, or cheat your door lock. If someone was ready to access your home by doing one among this stuff, then your current locks are inferior and wish to get replaced. additionally, locks damaged during a previous break-in are more susceptible to forced entry.


Replace Door Locks When getting into a replacement Home or Apartment

If you're just getting into a replacement home, it's always an honest idea to exchange the door locks. you've got no idea how many people lived within the home before you, or if they handed over all the keys. This extra special step will make your house safer.


Additionally, people getting into a replacement apartment should have the door locks replaced and make sure that only the people living within the apartment, and therefore the proprietor, have copies of the new keys.


Lost or Stolen Keys May Give somebody else the Potential for straightforward Access to Your Home

This happens all the time. We lose our keys or misplace them and can't locate them. Sometimes, keys even are stolen from the workplace, a car, or elsewhere. The primary thing anyone should do when their keys go missing is to vary the locks on your door. Don't wait to ascertain if they're going to happen because a day you wait maybe a day somebody else may potentially have quick access to your home.

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