Types of Window Locks

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Window locks are available in all different shapes and designs, however, one lock doesn't fit all windows. during this example, we’re getting to check out 10 common window locks that you’ll see or purchase together with your windows.


Handle Lock

Simple handle locks typically are placed on the center inside a window and lock by a horizontal latch. When the handle lock is pulled vertically, it unlocks and is a window handle also.


Folding Latch

Primarily, You’ll see this sort of window locks on awning and casement windows. These locks are on the frame of the window and fold down so as to completely lock the window. Casement windows are also called "crank windows", and their handles can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to open or close. Once the window is within the desired position, then the lever folds to lock.


Window Pin

Window pin locks are extremely strong when engaged. The window pin locks hack into two parts. One piece is installed on the window, and therefore the other piece is usually installed on the frame. When the two parts are connected together, the window will become very strong and difficult to open forcibly.


Hinged sash fastener

Hinged window locks are versatile because they permit the window to be opened to any size to permit infinite ways to ventilate your home. They’re also safer for youngsters because they will only be opened a limited amount. Hinged window locks are an excellent option and have overall safety features almost like that of a toddler safety lock.


Sliding Window Lock

Sliding window locks are classic and straightforward. They’re easy since no installation is required. This type of window lock will only be placed on the window frame when needed, which is not only convenient but also very effective in preventing foreign intruders. Window locks also are commonly seen on patio doors, but primarily on sliding windows.


Lag Screws

If you’re trying to find a short-lived and cheap thanks to locking your windows, lag screws are an honest temporary option. When the window is not secure, you need to drill holes in the window and insert lag screws. When these screws are tightened, the window locks. this is often inexpensive and low-quality thanks to locking your windows, but it’s far better than nothing.


Swivel Action Lock

The rotary action lock has a nose, when the window is completely closed, the window can be latched to the designated position to ensure safety. It’s almost like that of a self-locking patio door, during which the window only opens when the lever is turned. Swivel action locks are simple ways for forgetful homeowners to stay in their houses secure.


Child Safety Latches

Child safety locks are small latches that protrude 3″ to 5″ above the window to stay a window from opening past that height. After the child safety lock is locked, the window cannot be fully opened, so children can enjoy the cool breeze while avoiding falling out of the window.


Keyed Lock

Keyed locks are typically a secondary lock for your window, and are great for windows near a crucial room. Keyed lock windows are great for those that want to stay their windows locked for no only outside intruders, but inside also.


Window Latch

Window latches are the foremost common sort of window locks. These window latches lay usually above the primary window pane and may be locked with an easy horizontal lever. If you’re trying to find an easy gold standard, then a window latch is your best bet.

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