Small accessories, great inheritance -- an exclusive interview with LAN Zongbao, chairman of Foshan BOGO aluminum door and window accessories Co., Ltd

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  • Date:2020/06/17

The State encourages invention and creation, and has promulgated relevant laws and regulations to protect the patent of invention and creation. No one else may use the patent without the permission of the patentee, except with the consent of the patentee. Applying for a patent can protect one's own invention achievements. Applying for a patent for a scientific research achievement is not only the basis for an enterprise to implement its patent strategy, but also the necessary prerequisite to prevent the loss of scientific research achievements. At the same time, the patent is also conducive to scientific and technological progress and economic development, and it is a symbol of the enterprise's identity and status in the industry. In recent years, with the development of market economy, more and more attention has been paid to patent protection in China. For patent protection, LAN Zongbao, chairman of Foshan BOGO aluminum door and window accessories customization Co., Ltd., has his own unique views.

Customized aluminum door and window accessories

"Persistence is important, but innovation is also important"

Since the founding of BOGO, Mr. LAN has always attached great importance to the quality of products, and the positioning of enterprises is also the professional strength and high-quality brand image. Mr. Lan said: "swing door lock system to make products is like being a human being. You need to be able to bear your conscience and trust from others. You can encounter many kinds of temptations on the way of development, such as cutting corners on work and materials, from which you can get a lot of money It's very important to stick to the bottom line, and product quality is the bottom line. "

Aluminum door and window hardware customization

"Many people think that if I am diligent in product quality and strict in product quality, why can't I succeed?" "Product quality is important, and it can also be said to be the first step," said Mr. LAN. "But if we only make product quality, everything else is one-sided. Now the market is gradually diversified, and as the home decoration market, it is developing every day, and the main force of consumption is also changing with time. Therefore, as an enterprise, innovation is also very important. Only by continuous innovation, constantly meeting the market demand, or even leading the market demand, is one of the keys to success. "

The patent era of "smart" manufacturing in China

In the era of advocating and stepping into China's "intelligent" manufacturing, patent is particularly important, because patent can protect all patent products applying for patent protection from plagiarism or use by others for profit purposes, commonly known as "plagiarism" and "copycat", but such "plagiarism" and "plagiarism" are performed everywhere around us.

Mr. Lan said: "sliding window lock supplier the patent applied now can not only protect our own products, but also improve BOGO's status in the industry. Product patent is the result of labor paid by an enterprise after investing huge manpower, material resources, time and capital, which should be respected and protected. However, even if all the R & D products have applied for a patent and protected their rights, it can't stop the phenomenon of Shanzhai. However, applying for a patent is really an act of purifying the market. At the same time, it is hoped that relevant departments should increase their efforts to deal with Shanzhai enterprises "Together with the efforts of the products to create a healthy market competition environment."

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