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  • Date:2020/05/22

Requirements for selecting hardware fittings for doors and windows:

1. Color degree

The color of doors and windows is very beautiful, so when selecting hardware fittings for doors and windows, the requirements will be very high. Appearance is more eye-catching. A good appearance design can not only reflect the owner's style, but also directly distinguish the quality of door and window hardware accessories. So a good door and window hardware accessories, the color of the appearance can directly reflect the quality of hardware.

2. Raw materials

Many people don't understand that in the past, the requirements for the installation of plastic steel doors and windows were not very high. Now, the requirements for the hardware accessories of aluminum doors and windows are so high? The hardware of ordinary doors and windows can be oxidized or even peeled off after one or two years. In fact, this situation is caused by the materials of door and window hardware, because such hardware is usually composed of aluminum materials, which means that there are some other materials, not pure materials.

3. Hand feel

The handle of door and window hardware accessories can be said to be very important. A swing door lock set supplier is not only easy to open and use, but also can bring different feelings to users in the process of use, and can also increase the value of users. If the material is general, the feeling of touch is obviously different.

Some of the above are to pay attention to the selection requirements of door and window hardware accessories. These key points can also be regarded as the premise of selecting hardware accessories. You can refer to them! Finally, BOGO hardware, as a stainless steel track pulley manufacturers, reminds you that when you go to the door and window hardware manufacturer to purchase, you can't use ordinary hardware instead of aluminum door and window accessories, which will affect the service life of doors and windows. Choose BOGO hardware to give you high quality home life

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