Introduction of Sliding Window Lock Types

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  • Date:2021/07/27

Sliding door and window locks are a great addition to any home or office. However, there are also some significant benefits to the use of aluminium sliding window lock varieties which can assist you to select the ideal locking solution for your requirements. These include: The most important benefit of this lock type is that it provides an enhanced level of safety when combined with deadbolt locks. This is because deadbolts can provide a greater level of lock protection than other sliding window lock types.


However, when combined with the use of double cylinder aluminium sliding door locks, they can offer even greater security compared to single cylinder options. Double cylinder aluminium sliding window lock options can offer even greater security than a single cylinder option thanks to their ability to operate in a double mode. As a result, they provide the dual security benefits of a deadbolt as well as a secondary deadbolt. This is ideal for the home or office setting as they can often be a little difficult to operate manually. A double cylinder sliding glass door lockset however, can work to effectively strengthen the secondary deadbolt as well as increasing the overall lock strength and security for your sliding glass door locksets.


The strength and durability of an aluminium sliding window lock set is often dependent upon the amount of pressure that is applied to the lock itself. This is especially important in the case of sliding glass door locksets which can sometimes prove difficult to operate if one is not accustomed to operating them with increased levels of pressure. When selecting a suitable lock type, it is always important to take into consideration how much pressure it can withstand before it becomes wobbly. Generally, the more pressure that can be applied to an aluminium sliding window lock set the better quality it will provide.


Here, we introduce some Bogo's product of Sliding window locks. Notices : Please click the below pictures to related products details.

Sliding Window Lock BQ-152A

Sliding Window Lock BQ122A

Sliding Window Lock BQ-321A

When looking for the right sliding door lock, it is always wise to consider the various options available in terms of both locking mechanism and casing design. Hope Bogo's products can help your house become safe and wonderful !

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