How to Judge Good Hardware and Bad Hardware?

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  • Date:2020/03/31

If you are a customer, what kind of hardware do you expect your aluminum doors and windows to be made of? No matter domestic hardware or imported hardware, if it is reliable and famous brand, there is no problem in quality. Aluminum alloy door and window fittings is made of zinc alloy material, which has high comprehensive strength, is not easy to deform, has good corrosion resistance, stronger bearing force and strong firmness. The poor hardware is made of aluminum alloy, which is soft, easy to deform, easy to crack, and the wall of hardware door handle is thin. Take a set of inside open hardware, which is not sold for 100 yuan in the cheap market, while a set with high cost performance is up to 2300 yuan, which is very well-known imported brands, and also up to 4500 yuan. Sometimes, the appearance as like as two peas, but four or five times, it is also the difference between the famous brand aluminum alloy door and window fittings and the general hardware. Good hardware needs to be polished, polished and electroplated. Metal surface treatment is more meticulous, acid resistant, alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. The surface is very clean and easy to clean. In addition, the poor hardware production process is simple, easy to scratch the car paint fall off, easy to damage. Good door and window accessories customized hardware processing process key points are free of defects, the surface is smooth and smooth, no burr black spots, and the overall streamline is free of prominent convex and concave, grinding and polishing marks.

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