How to Install a Bedroom Door Lever Lock Set?

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  • Date:2021/08/27

For a home owner with children, a bedroom door lever is an important addition to the home security system. These devices are used to prevent children from opening the door while you or somebody else is in the room. In addition, they help prevent unauthorized passage through the door. This allows you to maintain home security by controlling access to your home and property. Before installing this device, it is necessary to have all the details on how to operate it so you can prevent potential dangers as well as install it efficiently and securely.


Before beginning installation of Bogo bedroom door lever lock set, make sure that the door that requires a door lever lock is in good operating condition. The door should open smoothly without any unusual sounds. Also, the hinges on the door should be securely attached and secure.


Next, remove the old door handle and its trim. Then, attach the new door handles onto the door jamb, making sure that the distance is at least 2 inches and that there are no gaps. If your door does not come with a door handle, you can order one from an online store or home improvement store. Position the new door handles inside the door frame and slide it in until it overlaps the top jamb. This would ensure proper positioning of the lever on the door handle.


To ensure safety, tighten the bolts on both the frame and the door handle using the appropriate screws. Make sure that the door frame is leveled and is free from cracks. Once these are done, turn the knob all the way clockwise to lock the frame and attach a new trim ring. Now turn the knob all the way counterclockwise to lock the door handle. Replace the sliding door handle and trim rings.


In order to install the bedroom door lever lock set without damaging your door, you can use double-sided tape to adhere the door piece to the frame. However, to make sure that the door stays put, you should apply mounting screws only to the frame. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the two mounting screws. This would allow the door to slide in and out easily.


Last but not least, if you need to adjust the tension of the springs located at the bottom of the door, you can do so by removing the cover plate, which is usually secured by nuts. Then, remove the spring from the housing. The tension adjustment nut is then removed and the spring will now be free to move. You should then replace the cover plate, seat, and return into the door and reinstall the door lever lock set. Installing a door lever lock set is very easy and this project is no longer time-consuming.

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