Do You Know The Bathroom Handle Lock Sets ?

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If you google 'types of bathroom handle lock sets' and see our article, you will get a guide: a detailed and informative guide to the different types of door handles. Maybe you are planning to remodel your home or office and want to know which door handle is the most suitable, or you are just curious about the types of door handles available.


Maybe you have an old worn out door handle that needs to be replaced, and you need to replace it with a nice new door lock set however, the door handle choice seems quite expensive. At Bogo, we can help you choose the ideal door handle for your home and hope to make the process of choosing the right door handle easier.Our door handles are available in a variety of styles and finishes, which can more easily meet all your requirements; they are the perfect finishing touch for any interior design.


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Sliding Door Lever handle

The handle, also known as the door handle, is the most common type of door handle in residential, commercial and public buildings. Crutches can be divided into two groups: the kickstand on the backplate and the pink kickstand. The sliding door lever handle on the back panel is a traditional door handle located on the back panel. These can have three operating mechanisms, including lever locks, lever baths, and lever latches.


Bathroom Door Lever Lock Set

This mechanism is characterized by a keyhole for operating the door handle, provides security and privacy, and is generally used in conjunction with a mortise lock. Usually used for bathroom and bedroom doors that require privacy. The mechanism has a thumb rotation lock, which can be easily locked and unlocked from the inside by turning the door latch, and can also be unlocked from the outside by turning the coin slot in case of damage. emergency.


Lever latch

This type of mechanism is used for interior doors that do not need to be locked. This is a simple to operate mechanism, you just need to push the door handle down to open the door.This door handle is operated by a latch; however, it can be individually combined with a locking mechanism for added security. It is usually combined with thumb twist locks or door locks and keyhole covers (keyhole covers) for a more polished finish.


Each Bogo's door lock set will give your decor a completely different look, so choosing these features will depend on your personal preferences and the overall look you want.

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