BOGO Hardware, the Sliding Glass Door Handle China Producer, "Four Stars" shining in Changsha Construction Expo

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  • Date:2020/06/01

Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, hundreds of industries are waiting to be developed. The exhibition, which has been silent for several months, has finally launched its first shot in the country. BOGO hardware, a well-known aluminium sliding window lock manufacturer in China, is also invited to attend the 2020 Changsha Construction Expo.

In the understanding of the current door and window hardware accessories and door and window industry homogeneity is serious, technology and development direction are relatively vague, BOGO hardware with

The door and window hardware accessories designer and the door and window industry technical consultant came to the exhibition.

The theme of this BOGO hardware exhibition is: [new products, new technology, new color and new standard]. In the simple and highly designed exhibition hall, it has attracted a lot of customers and friends. The crowded exhibition hall of BOGO proves the attraction and brand influence of BOGO hardware.

[new products] the development of the industry needs to be promoted. As BOGO hardware with strong brand charm, it has never spared no effort in product research and development to gradually promote the intellectualization of door and window hardware. On the display of new products, BOGO hardware has launched a lot of popular products, and the businessmen and friends consulted and understood on the booth of new products have praised, so that the world door and window industry can know BOGO intelligent manufacturing.

[new technology] BOGO has independently researched and developed the opening and closing light system, which now covers many products of BOGO . With the popularization of intelligent door and window hardware, the convenience and comfort of home life are greatly improved. The details of every life scene are captured, and the product functions are carefully analyzed and optimized, such as BOGO hardware intelligent swing door lock System and eccentric crooked handle, through the new process of film covered injection molding, the product feel is more delicate, and the personality customization is more outstanding.

[new color]With new colors, we can bring more new touches to our customers. Many kinds of new color locks are launched at the exhibition, and the customers and friends who come to the exhibition

They're all attracted. Through the brand's own positioning and product development and production capacity, the product positioning in place to produce a batch of network red hardware locks.

[new standard] BOGO hardware, as the maker of door and window hardware standard, has always been looking for a breakthrough in the standard. In a series of strict testing requirements, BOGO hardware has far exceeded the national standard to complete the indicators, especially in the product surface treatment, the film thickness has reached more than 15 μ (national standard 8 μ). Only by meeting the new standard can we make better hardware for doors and windows that satisfy customers.

Let the world's door and window industry know that BOGO intelligent manufacturing promotes the intelligent development of doors and windows and the high flow brought by BOGO's own brand charm, which makes the exhibition hall crowded and popular. In addition to the professional and in place service of BOGO personnel, the brand quality that BOGO hardware strictly requires for product quality is the most attractive thing for customers. The constant pursuit of quality can live up to the friends who trust BOGO.

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