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Aluminum door lock sets are among the most popular of all door lock sets. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs to fit any type of door. Because they are made from a stronger alloy than other types of metal door lock sets, this means that they are more secure than most sets on the market, and particularly when it comes to those that are used in high security applications.


A door handle lock set is normally comprised of a deadbolt, at the front and a cylinder, at the back. The choice between the two depends on where the lock is to be used. If it is for a exterior door, such as an exterior garage, then the cylinder is usually made of steel, while if it is for a home interior door, then the lock is generally made of some type of metal alloy. This type of lock can also have both a keyed and non-keyed form.


An aluminum door lock set is considered to be high quality when it contains both a deadbolt and a locking mechanism. This is because a good lock set should have a deadbolt that is difficult to pick - whether by a criminal or by a home owner. Many home owners who have made the decision to install a deadbolt on their property may decide to include a locking mechanism as well. In this case the door handle lock manufacturers will make lock set which should contain two separate locks.


When choosing an exterior door lock set, then one of the main considerations is the strength of the lock. Some sets are designed so that they can withstand a tremendous amount of force. However, in order to determine the strength of your existing door lock set you need to make sure you are measuring how hard the current lock is.


As well as the strength, you should also consider the mechanism on the lock set. Some types of locking mechanisms are operated by a key whilst others use a combination lock. If you are looking for an exterior door lock set then you will probably be looking for the type which is operated by the key. It is important to check the specifications of the door and the lock itself before you purchase to ensure that it will be able to withstand the pressure given by the door and the lock.


After you have bought the aluminum door lock set, then you need to install it. There are a number of ways in which you can do this. One of the simplest ways is to use the instructions included with the lock set. They will give you a list of the required tools and the required steps to complete the installation. Most sets also come with a range of lock repair kits which you should check with the manufacturer before starting the job to ensure you have all the correct tools and accessories required to put the lock back in position.

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