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  • Date:2021/06/17

When it comes to aluminium sliding window locks there are many different types out there. You have the double cylinder aluminium cylinder locks, you have the keyed aluminium sliding window lock and then you also have the cylinder locks that will turn the key to open them. However, there are some advantages to using aluminium sliding window lock types that will help you choose the best lock for your needs. These include:


The double cylinder aluminium sliding window locks can provide the best quality when it comes to security. This lock type will provide an added level of security on your sliding window by providing two points of security. There is a key on the outside of the door, and the lock itself is on the inside. The patented tension mechanism allows for easy installation in just minutes, with no tools needed for installation. This means that you are not spending time trying to install the lock yourself and you do not risk breaking it as this is one of the features of this particular type of aluminium sliding window lock.


Then there is the keyed alike aluminium sliding window locks. With this lock type, you will be able to use either a keyed-alike set of aluminium sliding window lock. This is ideal for those who need the extra security that is provided by the double cylinder lock. With this lock type, you are able to replace the key over time so that the new key is always in place. This will mean that should you have the key, but not the lock it will still be possible to open the door.


The killing lock has an extra feature that is provided by the cylinder lock; it offers a second breakpoint. This can come in handy if the first breakpoint has been broken then it is possible that you can hit the second point, which is usually a lot harder to pick. With this lock type, you can also choose to have a deadbolt added to the aluminium sliding window lock.


The next type of aluminium sliding window locks would be the one that is made from stainless steel. This is one of the more common types of aluminium sliding door handle and they have a lot of positives. Firstly they are very durable and strong and will stand up to constant use. Secondly, they do not rust, so will not require maintenance and you will not be concerned about rust forming on the surface of the window. In terms of safety, the stainless steel track will prevent people from being able to simply pull out the window and gain access to your property.


If you choose to get a keyless entry system installed onto your house, then the aluminium sliding window lock keyed alike will work in conjunction with the track. The track will allow for the window to be opened from the inside, which again adds further security to the property. A great many people purchase these products for security purposes because they offer greater peace of mind than if you had a deadbolt fitted on each and every window. 

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