How to install the lock? What is the way to lock sliding doors and windows

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How to install the lock? What is the way to lock sliding doors and windows?

There are several types of sliding doors, here is a brief introduction of how to install the sliding door locks of the three sliding doors~

Single sliding door: refers to the use of a left and right door for sliding. Therefore, when installing locks for doors and windows, you only need to install the locks that need to be installed in the door cover or on the door frame. When it is pushed and pulled to the position that needs to be locked, it only needs to be moved to the side of the door cover or door frame.

Double-leaf sliding door: refers to the double-track door can be pushed and pulled left and right, and can also be overlapped. Generally, the double-leaf sliding doors are basically overlapped, so it is more difficult to install the lock in the middle position. Therefore, the lock can be installed on the moving doors on both sides, and you only need to open one when you push and pull the doors and windows.

Multiple sliding doors: Some sliding doors are composed of three or four doors stacked together. At this time, the movable doors on both sides can be fixed with small nails. At this time, the two middle doors are flat against each other, which not only facilitates the installation performance of the lock, but also only needs to open the middle two windows when in use.

After understanding how to install the aluminum sliding door locks, let BOGO HARDWARE & FITTING CO.,LTD, a well-known sliding door lock supplier in China, show you how to lock the sliding door.

(1) First of all, let's take a look at the steps of installing the outer panel components together.

First, according to the requirements of the product installation manual, the installation size of the lock body is to be drilled on the fixed distance template. After the previous steps are completed, we need to check whether the drilled holes are accurate and correct. The position where the lock body is installed into the hole. Then look for the assembled screw tool, look for the screws that are fixed on both sides of the back, and install the screw and connecting screw on the outer panel parts. Then insert the linkage square rod into the square rod hole of the lock body, and align the handle square hole of the outer panel component with the linkage square rod hole. Finally, install the external components and strictly follow the steps in the product installation instructions.

(2) Secondly, when it comes to installing the inner panel components, how should we proceed?

First, we find the screw that is fixed directly behind, and then insert the lock body from the inside to the outside into the lock hole of the lock body. Then, after the screw is inserted through the hole of the lock body panel, align the position of the lock body and place the screw hole The location uses leaking installation tightly. Finally, install the lock box or lock plate on the door frame. 

(3) Finally, after the panel components are initially installed, how should they be installed?

First test the inner and outer handles of the crescent lock, turn it left and right to see if the inclined tongue can be retracted and extended smoothly, then turn the position of the back plate rotation to see if the lower tongue can be retracted smoothly, and then use the key Come and feel the back and forth rotation to feel it, and see if the lower tongue extends and retracts smoothly. Finally, after tightening the assembly screws of the crescent lock with a screwdriver, repeat the previous turning action and turn it several times to ensure that the bolt can move forward and backward freely after the screw is fixed.

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