How to choose a cabinet hinge

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  • Date:2021/05/08

How to choose a cabinet hinge

Many people always do a variety of multiple-choice questions when decorating, such as which brand of the cabinet to choose? What is the best material? What style is most suitable? ......When buying cabinets, you can't just look at the "surface", although the design of the cabinet, the choice of cabinets, door panels, and countertops are all important. As a result, it was discovered after the final use that even if the major aspects were selected correctly, once the kitchen cabinet hinge was not selected, the cabinet would still not work well! However, the most not to be ignored is it.

For example, you must have seen these phenomena: rust, peeling, cracking, loud noise... Sometimes you don’t pay attention to closing the door, accidentally let go, and the sound of closing the door can make people’s minds shocked! So choosing the right hinge manufacturer is particularly important!

In fact, although kitchen cabinet hinges looks like an inconspicuous thing, it is like the "joint" of the human body, which is related to the smoothness and longevity of the entire cabinet. Therefore, you still need to know more about those things about hardware!

It is considered from the convenience of opening and closing, noise reduction, the number of opening and closing, and the supporting weight. There are many times of switching, ranging from 20,000 times to 1 million times, and the number of each brand is different.

There are many types of kitchen cabinet hinges. The common ones we use are full-covered, half-covered, and built-in non-covered, and some special door panels need to be applied with 175-degree and 90-degree and conjoined ones. Door hinges, and some hinges to be used on special doors.

The problems of mildew, insects, dampness, and difficulty in cleaning the cabinets are all related to the poor selection of countertops, cabinets, cabinet doors, and cabinet hardware. Easy-to-use cabinets, cabinet countertops are easy to clean without cracks; cabinets are not easily deformed, moisture-proof and odorless; cabinet doors are convenient to open and close, and the appearance is high;  have a long life and strong storage functions.

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