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  • Date:2021/04/30

After 20 years of ups and downs, Guangzhou Design Week has been burning with "ambition" in order to open up new channels, it has boldly constructed a matrix structure with matching professionals, formed a closed-loop operation of aluminum alloy sliding window locks, and set up designer service operation city sub stations and project operation partners in more than 150 cities in China.

The past for the sequence, "ambition" burning, professional eternal power non-stop, content, geography, boundaries, every moment in the savage growth, each flower.

Flowers blooming overseas, from the savage growth, the branches of the place, is a parallel world of links, its meaning from the present. Time is not without dreamers, and the process of internationalization is written into BOGO Design's blueprint at super-speed. Compared to the international design exchange, Guangzhou Design Week's ambition is more than that, the longer-term planning lies in our design aluminium sliding window locks, bringing out our designs and brands, so that Chinese design shines on the world stage, is its international context of the subtext.

All its activities should be commercial part of a relatively large proportion, part of the technical components of more activities may mainly play a certain role in upgrading. In other words, a balance should be found between technical and commercial.

Design is always a very meaningful industry, it is intelligent, industrial, crafty, artisan. The only thing an architect can do is to think about it from the very nature of human nature and put himself in space to feel it, so as to achieve maximum comfort and taste.

BOGO door and window hardware accessories design development for so many years, commercial can be said to have been relatively mature, but can not say that this is even complete. In fact, now BOGO door and window hardware accessories, we feel that from the technical design point of view, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Such as: aluminium sliding window locks, these can also inject technical content to enhance its technical taste. Therefore, in the future we will set up a technical research committee to distinguish between BOGO door and window hardware accessories activities, from the professional and technical degree of grading and guidance, so that BOGO door and window hardware accessories some activities can enhance technical.

BOGO door and window hardware accessories design must first be guaranteed novel, aluminium sliding window locks.This requires the stratification of activities: some are academic, have more research nature, mainly theoretical inquiry, and some academic relatively low, commercial, partial application, but may be more popular with designers and the general public.

It's not just ambition and pattern, it's goals that can be achieved. clear proposition and positioning, doomed to this is an undefeated battle. Always around the needs of users, deeply excavate every level, step by step for the camp to carry out, to the international pattern to the pulse of Chinese design, BOGO Design at the beginning of planning will be victory written into the answer.

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