About the importance of aluminum window locks to home safety

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  • Date:2021/05/08

About the importance of aluminum window locks to home safety


Now we are paying more and more attention to family safety, so generally speaking, aluminum window locks and some electrical equipment will be processed with some encryption locks in order to protect family safety. But for us, if the lock is broken, how should we choose if we want to replace it? How to maintain ordinary aluminum window locks? The following are some suggestions put forward by the manufacturer, let's take a look.


How to buy


When choosing aluminum window locks, be sure to choose some products with relatively high brand awareness and relatively stable quality, so that the after-sales service will be better. Because for all of us, we may not usually understand this knowledge, so sometimes we often encounter some problems, then customer service will become very important. In addition, first check the knowledge of the packaging product of the window lock, and whether it has a product qualification certificate, and then operate on its appearance, shape and use. Be sure to operate according to the product manual, so that you can guarantee that some of the bad products will be disposed of.


Correct opening method


For everyone, it is not difficult to open door and window locks, but sometimes due to the different locks, there may be a certain degree of difficulty in operation. Because it is to protect the safety of one's own family, some anti-misoperation functions will be added, so that some damage caused by improper use of doors and windows can be reduced. Generally, window locks will be designed with some hidden locks, which can improve the security and anti-theft coefficient of doors and windows. When operating, push the lock point into the round hole of the lock slot, and then press the close button, so that it can be fixed and not easily pulled out.




Aluminum window locks are generally not broken, but in most cases it is caused by accidental collision or improper operation. We must pay attention to these details when we usually use it. When opening the window, we should rotate the handle and let the bolt retract before letting go. The second method is to reduce the friction of the lock body itself, and pay attention to it when opening the window. The third is to check frequently and smooth the lock cylinder regularly, so that it will not be difficult to use. Under normal circumstances, you can add some graphite powder or pencil lead powder to achieve smoothness, but be careful not to use smoothing agents or oily substances, which can easily cause damage.


The above is the specific application method and maintenance method proposed by the aluminum window lock manufacturer.


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