4 Ways To Secure A Sliding Window

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  • Date:2021/07/30

Drive Screws into Tracks


To maintain sliding window sash securely in their tracks, power sheet-metal screws partway into the top tracks. Adjust the screws so the window barely clears them as it slides, with no wiggle room for maneuvering the sash up over the decrease tracks.


Install a Metal Clip


A easy steel clip will stop a burglar from prying open the sash by way of snapping the brittle steel capture that holds the window closed. Bend the clip to healthy your window channel, and deploy it in the decrease song wedged towards the closed internal sash.


Add a Bar


Although greater conspicuous, a Charley bar additionally will end an intruder from prying open a sliding window. When you do not want its protection, in reality increase it to its "up" function and clip it in opposition to the internal sash.


Install Locks


Bogo's key-operated sliding door windows locks are possibly the most impenetrable way to defend sliding windows, and they may work with vertical sliding windows, too. Mark the lock's role on the windowsill with the sash utterly closed, and drill a bolt gap in the sill at that location. To invulnerable the window in in part open positions, without a doubt drill extra holes in the sill. 

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